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Hot Wheels is a totally different animal though...

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Posted by Airmax on July 30, 12 at 10:51:01

In Reply to: Re: I don't know if it's Mattel's reluctance to put the line at retail... posted by Firebat

It'd be like cross-branding Barbie with Tank Girl, having that sell out and then saying Tank Girl is a viable retail commodity. Hot Wheels exists on a different collector level, and in this case you have both He-Man fans, but also Hot Wheels fans (by far a bigger and more ravenous fan base) buying those up.

Another thing to think about though - the He-Man 200X cartoon was on for two years. The toy line ran for about the same length of time and they cranked out a ton of characters. The MOTUC line, without any media support at all has survived twice as long and also cranked out a ton of characters. I don't want the line to end, but it's been a great run regardless of what happens.


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