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Damaged/Incomplete Matty Shipment

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Posted by Backpacker612 on December 04, 12 at 18:02:23

My Black Friday Mattycollector.com shipment arrived today. I had ordered BG Teela, BG Evil-Lyn, Bubble Power She-Ra, Merman, King Grayskull, Swiftwind, and three sets of Grayskull stands. When I picked the package up from my apartment office, the box was kicked in on one of the corners, and the tape on the top was separated from half the box. Inside the box, I found only Swiftwind, BG Evil-Lyn, and BP She-Ra. What's odd though, is that those three packages took up the majority of the room inside of the box. My first thought was that the other items had been lost in shipping; however, I dont see how they could have all fit in the box in the first place. I reviewed the initial e-mails and the mailing packing list, and it makes no mention of any additional shipments and seems to show all items being in one package.

So I called Matty's customer service number, and after a while of trying to explain, was told that a "ticket" had been created and I would get an email soon after they look into the situation.

Has anyone experienced a similar scenario? Should I be expecting any good result at all?

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