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Geek Shall Inherit - Episode 009 is up...

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Posted by The Superfly on February 07, 12 at 11:02:05

How did Jason and Daniel do with their Super Bowl picks? Well, they're nerds, so how do you think that might turn out?

Actually they talk about:

* - all the Super Bowl genre commercials and trailers that leaked out last week and Jason coins the phrase â easiers.â

* - Jason jumps into the 21st century and gets some new technology.

* -In the â Things We Are Excited Aboutâ segment:
o Daniel shares his excitement for the newly released SpyMonkey Creations Armory Series 1 and The Four Horsemenâ s newest wave(s) of â Outer Space Menâ
o Jason finds an interesting new product that helps him express his unnatural love of Michael Caine.

* - The guys discuss the genre movies that release this month â Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menance 3-D, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Chronicle.

* - And like every other nerd in the world Daniel and Jason weigh in on DC Entertainmentâ s announcement of â Before Watchmenâ .

* - And the Geeks discuss a listener topic suggestion on how the nature of toy collecting has changed, specifically about how we obtain our toys now as opposed to 10 years ago.

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