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Guys, this is DAY ONE--and we've already got so many old faces back!

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Posted by Blanka on January 16, 13 at 19:42:37

First off--let me say how incredibly awesome it is to see all of you here! So many old names coming out of the woodwork!

The original Buzz was a community unlike any other. Sure, we had our moments where we fought, and outright hated each other--but those moments were far and few between, and just added to the familial aspect of the joint. Mainly, it was a collective of a bunch of toy and comic book fans who got together and shot the sh*t. It truly was a family, made up of a colorful cast of personalities. In it's hey day, it was THE place to be, and many folks' first stop of the day.

Unfortunately, it all fell apart.

But the beautiful thing is now we have a second chance: a rebirth of a NEW Buzz: THE TOY TALK. But the way this is going to work is if we, ourselves, keep spreading the word--every single one of us. As Julius put it to me: it's a grass roots movement. WE are the ammunition and fuel to keep this bad boy alive!

We need to get the word out. I've got several friends from the old Buzz on my Facebook, and I've invited them. I'm sure you've got people from the Buzz on yours. Invite them!

Let's get out there and spread the good word. We wanted a "Buzz-esque" forum back--we got it. Here's our opportunity! Let's keep the chatter going, get the "buzz" maintaining, and let's have some FUN again, guys!

Again--SO good to see all of you! I look forward to all the hijinks in the future!

-Rick aka Blanka

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