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Your stuff kills anything that Hasbro would ever do. I say make whatever you want.(nt)

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Posted by Firebat on January 17, 13 at 17:50:41

In Reply to: Question about custom G.I. Joe/TF crossover project... posted by Airmax

: So, last year I made five of these Soundwave figures. They were all carded, and I sold four of them, used that money to fund the next one in the series, which I'm working on currently (an Autobot this time). I have several other characters in the pipeline after that if these continue to sell. My question is about character selection.
: I've got what I think are some pretty good parts for an Insecticon and a Constructicon. I don't really have plans to round out their respective crews - but the parts just work really well, and I feel compelled to make them (the design works, the colors work really well, etc). But does that make sense for a project like this? Does making one of the Constructicons work?
: Any thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated.
: More Soundwave pictures here:
: http://www.airmaxanimated.com/customs/misc/soundwave/soundwave3.jpg
: http://www.airmaxanimated.com/customs/misc/soundwave/soundwave6.jpg
: ....

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