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I'l pay MORE

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Posted by Dare on January 18, 13 at 04:44:27

In Reply to: Mattel Wants to Know - Do you want cheaper figures? posted by Julius Marx

But only if it means better figures. Then again I'm used to paying $40 for a small 5"+ Japanese figure but the plastic quality is superb and customised to suit the material it's meant to represent (flesh, cloth etc), the articulation is very poseable and natural looking (not just spamming of useless joints), and it comes with relevant accessories.

For what Mattel now makes, I think DCUC is worth $8 at best, and MOTUC $20. At $20 for MOTUC I think it should be assembly error free, have the same or better paint apps, and at least 1-2 accessories. I can do without the bios, mailer boxes (I mean, they're already in a parcel, why are these needed?) and individualised packaging. Just 1 common card and a blister will do fine.

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