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Posted by Jason Geyer on January 19, 13 at 13:09:56

In Reply to: I totally can NOT wait for that X-Men Flying Fighters Maggot to come out! nt posted by Blanka circa 1998 (True story, the first figure I saw the drew me to the old Buzz site)

Yeah, I still get nostalgic for the OLD RTM.

Took me a while to dig out the old backups, though! Had to search through a bunch of old CDs...

I remember seeing that Maggot asst at our first Toy Fair in 97 (first online press allowed at Toy Fair! What a hassle that was to get in; nowadays any kid with a blog shows up! And we wore suits! ;)

That was where we got the pics from Toy Biz literally the night before we flew to NY and stayed up until 4am formatting them and putting them online for an exclusive. And then the Jean Grey wasn't in the showroom, and had been replaced by a new Wolverine leading us to have to do a retraction on the exclusive! Ah, the good old days...

(Of course, they all were cancelled eventually anyway. At least we got Mummies Alive that year!)


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