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I'm holding out for Battle Damage Prince of Persia! nt

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Posted by Jason Geyer on February 07, 12 at 16:02:30

In Reply to: I'm assuming it will be a DC and a Marvel figure...maybe Captain America and a Batman? nt posted by The Superfly

: : Lego always does a collector press event or "Nerd Herd" at their booth the first day of Toy Fair. It's always before the show opens at 7:00am... which is rough for those of us who have just flown in from the west coast and not adjusted to the time change. For us it's still 4:00am. But they are always SO nice and give us coffee and danish.
: :
: : This year the mailed out lanyards as credentials to help the check in process move faster so we can get to taking pictures. On one side there's the logo and the info for the event and check in...
: :
: : On the back side are 2 flat 2x2 Lego squares and 2 minifigure silhouettes saying "Exclusive Collector Giveaway! 2012 Toy Fair" and at the bottom "Your reward for waking up with the Lego team. Be the First to receive two 2012 Lego Minifigures"
: :
: : Hmmmm... wonder which ones they will be? I'll post them to the front page when we get them on Sunday.

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