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I second everything you just said.(nt)

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Posted by Firebrat on January 21, 13 at 11:47:30

In Reply to: Incredibly peeved at the Green Lantern movie..... posted by Blanka

: ..for ruining our chances at GL: The Animated Series figures.
: This show is incredible. The animation is spectacular. The storylines as captivating. The characters are entertaining. Seems unfair that Batman: Brave and the Bold got a line, and this doesn't even get a shot.
: I would love the following in the same scale and articulation as The Batman line:
: Hal
: Kilowog
: Razer
: Atrocitus
: Saint Walker
: Sinestro
: Guy Gardner
: The Guardians
: Aya
: Brother Warth
: Zox
: Tomar-Re
: Manhunters
: General Zartok, etc.
: The Aya ship
: Oa playset
: If this were the 90's or early part of the 00's, this line would be out in spades. Damn this economy, and again--DAMN RYAN REYNOLDS!!

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