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I'm absolutely shocked they didn't wait to hit #1000.(nt)

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Posted by Firebrat on January 23, 13 at 21:35:52

In Reply to: One more things about legacy that has been bugging me (about the big 2)... posted by Airmax

: I understand the need to renumber/reboot from time to time sice issue #1s sell more. But does neither Marvel or DC understand legacy? Is neither of them interested in being the first to issue #1000? i would think that would be a marker one of them would want, but they're pulled every single title that was getting close (Detective, Action, Amazing Spiderman) and rebooted it, or relaunched it with a #1 (or replaced it with an all new title all together in the case of poor Spidey).
: I don't get it.
: ....

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