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I agree the New 52 DC Universe is not what it used to be...

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Posted by JoeAce on January 24, 13 at 09:15:12

In Reply to: agreed, that's my issue as well...txt posted by The Superfly

: Obviously I am biased as an older DC fan, and I LOVED the history and legacy of the old DCU. But I was willing to give the new52 a shot with the hopes of it being a fresh start and a fun ride.
: What I found was poor characterization, laughable dialog, and characters that are rude, shallow, and not particularly heroic. And that's just the Justice League.
: Yes, there are some books that are still good, but none of them needed the benefit of this reboot. Plus other books like Batman and Green Lantern received a 'semi-reboot', but none of the continuity or history makes sense anymore.
: DC destroyed 75 years of history to chase the non-existent market of teens, and have made a guy like me nearly stop collecting comics entirely, after being a loyal DC reader for the better part of 30 years. And I know I'm not the only one.
: What a mess.

I'm a DC fan for over 30 years and I love the original DC Universe.
The New 52 DC Universe has much more graphic violence than what used to be. Also there are so many missing characters and history thrown away, it's kind of sad.

I was upset that the JSA was being put away for awhile, but I am now enjoying watching the new JSA team being put back together in EARTH-2. My other favorite book is World's Finest with Power Girl and the Huntress.

I stopped reading Batman after Darkseid killed him.
I gave the New 52 Action Comics and Superman a try, but dropped them as well.
I started reading the New 52 Wonder Woman, but dropped it after the origin story dragged on too long.

Then there are comics that I liked that DC cancelled, like Justice League International and Young Justice.

After reading about all of the turmoil at the DC offices between editors and creators, I wonder how long they will fall before they fix it.

Bring back the original DC Universe.

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