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Good luck to the guy who's 'actively discouraging'...

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Posted by Firebat on January 29, 13 at 06:55:20

In Reply to: I love some of the reactions from some of the fanboys over on Rebelscum... posted by Blanka

.....as if anyone is going to take advice from someone who probably wears looney tunes t-shirts. Ah, fanboys....

: "To me its not Star Wars unless its 3 3/4 , same goes for GI JOE ."
: "Hasbro has already stated multiple times that they'd never abandon the 4 inch figures, so we dont have to worry about that. If they want to waste time and tooling dollars on a new line of 6 inch figures - they should be ready to explain to their shareholders why another failure occurred."
: "Yeah, I would not only pass on these, but I'd do my darndest to actively discourage anyone from purchasing them and/or find some creative way to mock them. That's right, I would waste my free time to sink a 6" line."
: Jeez. Overreact much? This is something LOADS of us have been praying for.

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