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I don't think so...

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Posted by Brendan on January 29, 13 at 21:51:40

In Reply to: Random question about Toy Story animation... posted by Airmax

I heard Lee Unkrich speak a year or so ago, and he said they intended to use the original models for Toy Story 3, but ended up rebuilding everything from scratch. If memory serves. they weren't able to open them in the modern versions of some of their software applications.

: Since all the animation for the Toy Story movies was done in the computer, would it be possible for Pixar to take the files from the first movie, and run it through some kind of renderer/processor to update the graphics to Toy Story 3 quality? Basically Lucasing the movie but only to change the quality/smoothness of the animation.
: This is totally random, but it occurred to me after seeing TS3 recently, and then seeing a snippet from TS1, and how terrible it looks by today's standards and in comparison to TS2 and 3.
: ....

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