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From what I understand about 3D animation and Pixar, no.

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Posted by Dare on January 29, 13 at 22:41:07

In Reply to: Random question about Toy Story animation... posted by Airmax

Apart from the incompatibility that Brendan mentioned, the TS1 models that were created were much more primitive compared to TS3, and even if they managed to import them into their newer engines, you'll need to do the following:

-Improve the animation
TS1's smoothness and framerate are fine; it's the body language that is a little stiff compared to today. No smart engine for this. All the major key animation poses are done manually.

-Improve the look
everything in the film would need to be manually re-textured from scratch (Toys, buildings, leaves...), and re-lighted, and then finally re-rendered, which is a ton of work.

Oh wow, I got Sid for the captcha.

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