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Re: Batman Arkham Asylum second print action figures

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Posted by Brendan on January 31, 13 at 10:52:36

In Reply to: Batman Arkham Asylum second print action figures posted by Old Noob

I hadn't heard that, but it wouldn't surprise me. DC does rereleases popular lines fairly regularly. If it's a straight rerelease, which I imagine these would be, then they usually end up in identical packaging. They will also rerelease figures with different paint schemes, usually for box sets (they've done this several times over the years with The Dark Knight Returns line, for example).

As for value, if something was hard to find initially and DC creates another opportunity to purchase it, eBay prices will almost certainly drop. I say, collect what you like and don't give a thought to resale value. The figures I own that are worth something are the ones I wouldn't part with in the first place...

Unless you're trying to make the case for a purchase with a spouse...then by all means, cite the secondary market value!

: New to this blog.
: I read DC Direct is going to release(print)the series one and two of the Batman Arkham Asylum action figures (minus Bane) again in 2013. Does anyone know if the packaging will look the same? How will this affect the value of the first prints? Does this happen often with action figures?
: Thanks

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