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Thanks for the updates! Just one thing....

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Posted by Blanka on February 13, 13 at 10:42:49

In Reply to: Some corrections/updates. posted by JuliusMarx

: : 2) No further Arkham figures past Grundy. I felt like one more wave could have been done with Two-Face, Hugo, Bunny Batman, and maybe a Wonder City Robot or Talia Guard or even Harley's Revenge Harley. Yet, they claim that they didn't have enough characters to make a last wave. Are they high? Or did they just get bored with the line? Either way, it's a BS excuse. Happy to get Grundy, but come on. Deadshot gets a figure? Mad Hatter gets a figure? Zzasz gets a figure? Yet, Hugo Strange, to main antagonist DOESN'T? Makes sense....
: There is still more Arkham coming. The line for them right now is like printing their own money. That's why they are re-releasing previous waves of both Asylum and City. Jim is well aware of who is left to do.

I was basing my knowledge on these quotes from another site:

"The bottom line is that it doesn't appear that the line for the current game is continuing, but it very well could continue when the next game comes out. More specifically, they said that based on what had been released already there weren't enough figures to support another series."


"The Clayface may happen in the large format after grundy. Two-face is still the one they want to do but they do not have enough figures to justify an entire wave."


"They will continue the line with the next game. The next arkham game will start off the next series. Grundy is the last figure. Unless they may do a Clayface in a large size. Clayface is the only figure they may get to."

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