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Today's toy run....

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Posted by Firebat on February 13, 13 at 16:01:50

Since I heard rumors that the retaliation toys were hitting shelves again, I decided to go on my first toy run in months.

I started with K-Mart, which was surprisingly well stocked. They had a case of the retaliation wave with the dark ninja, and the cycles packaged with a figure. The alley viper figure was decent, and the dark ninja was cool, but nothing I saw was worth the $9.99 plus tax. K-mart also had the new 12'' Star Wars figures that look like they come from 1978. Anakin and clone trooper. What terrible character choices. How about doing Boba Fett and Vader. That might actually sell. I also saw the retro 2 packs. Love the packaging on those....

I hit TRU next. They had a couple retaliation vehicles, but no figures at all. A kreo display of the joe mini figs was up, but strangely none for sale. The 6'' thundercat wave with liono and mummra was finally stocked. Nice figures, but eighteen bucks each is too much. TMNT looked to be totally sold out. Not a single figure on the pegs, which is sad since they had a massive TMNT display at the front of the store. Star Wars was almost nonexistent. The collector figs from Neca, Diamond, etc. were well stocked. The Munsters figures rule.

Wal-Mart had absolutely nothing. The action figure aisle was almost bare. Man, I miss the days of Zayre, Ames, Woolworth, etc.....

Overall it was quite disappointing, and I found myself wishing that the stuff we've seen from toy fair was already on the pegs.....

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