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Re: That's really interesting...

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Posted by GeekSummit on February 16, 13 at 15:34:14

In Reply to: That's really interesting... posted by Magog

What a bummer. I can only guess that they are holding for the big SDCC spotlight? Heyâ ¦ maybe they're even holding out to ad the friggin' ab crunch joint to Supesâ ¦ WTF? Make 300 figures over 6 years all with identical articulation (even the Movie Masters ((and God no, Green Lantern does not count)) ) and then all of the sudden strip that key joint from your headliner character? OMFG Mattelâ ¦ You kill meâ ¦ Please tell Guru next time you see himâ ¦ he's killing folksâ ¦ You don't have to be dramatic about itâ ¦ just don't blink when you day it.

I'm not a sports fan but this is the closest I get to watching my team drop the ball and really fumble the wicketâ ¦

Oh well, I've still got shelves full of trophies from their triumphs.

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