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Let's count the odd thigs in that photo...

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Posted by domu on February 17, 13 at 21:41:44

In Reply to: Looks like The Tick is coming back to US shelves! posted by Magog

#1- as pointed out by Megazarak at the Fwoosh, the figure below the middle top figure still has a Shocker Toys logo on it.

#2- there seems to be an excessive amount of space on the sides of the figures that I wouldn't expect from a box coming from a factory.

#3- I've never opened a case of anything that had the items stacked like that instead of side by side.

#4- The lid flaps don't look like they have ever been bent to have sealed the case.

This isn't a case of product fresh off the boat from the factory in China. It's a mock up of such a case, made to fool people into thinking Geoff is running a legitimate company. It's a bunch of old product with new inserts, placed in a box he bought at Office Depot.

Geoff Beckett/Shocker Toys/GBJR Toys is a scam.

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