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I have no familiarity with their 12in stuff...

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Posted by Airmax on February 26, 13 at 11:47:49

In Reply to: Good point. I bet we don't see one until Aug/Sept...and it sounds like either Doctor Doom or Iron Man willl be the first. What's your guess on price? $150? $175? nt posted by The Superfly

I'm a collector of their 6in stuff, so I'm not really that familiar with what their 12in stuff usually goes for. That said, I am always surprised that their 6in stuff is only ("only" ;0) $50ish. For me, that's cheap for what these are. So, I'm guessing around $150 for the 12in Marvel stuff. Either way, since these aren't in-house designs and they'll have to pay a royalty to Marvel, it will make these more expensive than their normal 12in stuff. Plus, if there's new tooling involved, the price jumps again. If they're using their standard 12in body, that's one thing, but if they're making brand new sculpts, they've got to cover that cost.

Very excited to see how this plays out.


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