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So About This Place...

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Posted by Brendan on March 02, 13 at 14:30:50

I don't know about the rest of you, but I had an absolute blast posting here during the lead-up to Toy Fair. I heard about this place from Jeff, who passed on the word from Blanka and Firebat.

Seeing so many familiar names and chatting again with all of you...it was a nostalgic rush while talking about hobby that, for me, is already a nostalgic rush.

But here we are a few weeks later...the posts have pretty much dried up along with the news out of Toy Fair.

I think we should go all 'Before Sunrise' on this place. Let's meet back here on July 1st. We'll locate the ToyBuzz conch shell and summon the rest of the team. We'll do this all again as we lead up to ComicCon.

What do you think?

At the very least, I should get some props for working in references to 'Before Sunrise' AND 'Anchorman' into the sentence...

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