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Response from ToyGuru & Mattel about this GL line...

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Posted by The Superfly on February 08, 12 at 16:28:46

In Reply to: new animated style Green Lantern Hal Jordan on eBay... posted by The Superfly

From ToyGuru on AFi...

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"To manage expectations, I can assure you we are not showing GL Animated product at NYTF as there is not GLA line planned for 2012. Concept figures and prelim design work have a way of leaking out illegally though ebay and it is a shame as it throws off fan expectations. But I assure fans there is no GL animated line coming from Mattel.

Until you hear an offical announcement from Mattel, ebay leaks are not the place to go for any info on upcoming lines. tons of product goes into preproduction that does not get released (just look a the JLU Firefly fig). When Mattel announces something it is worth getting excited about. When something leaks on ebay, it only serves to confuse and muddle info.

There is no GL Animated toy line from Mattel."

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