Ben 10 Begins Again – Tomorrow
April 9, 2017

Tomorrow is the first episode of the remake of Ben 10. Ben 10 is the story of 10 year old Ben Tennyson, his cousin Gwen, and their Grandfather traveling across the country in an RV.

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Except Ben finds a strange glowing watch which allows him to transform into 10 difference aliens. Along the way we learn that Grandpa is a retired member of an intergalactic police force, Gwen discovers some magic, and the watch can learn or is programmed with additional aliens beyond the first 10. 4 seasons I think. Beyond that we get to several sequels which I will leave to Wikipedia for those interested.

Ben 10 Toy Fair 2017

Ben 10 Toy Fair 2017.

Tomorrow we get to see the story all over again. New animation, a mix of the original 10 and other later aliens make the starting 10 for this revamp.

And coming soon, the new toys shown here that Daniel snapped at Toy Fair earlier this year. Why am I making such a big deal about this?

Ben 10 Toy Fair 2017

Ben 10 Toy Fair 2017.

Well other than being a big fan of the show, and having my own son named Ben who was 11 at the time the show started, fans of Justice League Unlimited noticed that the art style between the two shows was close enough that the aliens could be repainted as members of the Green Lantern Corps and fit right in with their JLU action figure collection.

Full Gallery of Ben 10 by Playmates Toys from Toy Fair 2017

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  • Rick says:

    Loving the new Ben 10 toys! My son and I have been collecting them. The show is pretty good too. 🙂

  • Randy says:

    You see I wanted to ask you a big favor will you make a new character his name is Anthony he has all of Ben ten aliens dimond head is dimond blade gray matter is shock smarts wild vine is vine shocker heat blast is Turbo blast overflow is hydro flow four arms is shock arms stink fly is fly shocker xlr8 is shock wheel’s Cannon ball is ball shocker please add this character into show

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