Best Figure I Got Last Month – 09|08
September 30, 2008

When your action figure allowance is relatively small each figure counts. You think hard about which ones you buy. And maybe you spend a bit more time savoring new additions to your collection. With that in mind I’m going to take a stab at a monthly column which will choose and review a figure I bought during a given month that is worthy of special recognition. I had in mind to begin this back in July. Ha! You try choosing between Comic Con exclusives. Here’s my pick for September: Yarna D’al Gargan from the new Star Wars Legacy Collection. Did actress Claire Davenport ever think she’d get a figure?

WHO: Yarna D’al Gargan
WHAT: Star Wars "The Legacy Collection" – BD6
WHERE: Target
HOW: $7.99

WHY: Star Wars action figure collectors have a love for the obscure. One second of screen time? You’re in. So its not unusual that fans have been clamoring for Yarna for a long time. Check out the Star Wars sites and forums and you’ll find repeated calls for the "six breasted dancer" pretty much from the beginning of the modern Star Wars line. One forum has a 31 page Yarna thread that began in 2001 and is still going. Why did it take so long? Although many have speculated that it had to do with her unusual anatomy, I’m not so sure. Back in the day, Lucasfilm wasn’t sold on the idea of an action figure of an alien prostitute (although that backstory has since changed.) Additionally, its been said that the Hasbro team felt that she just would not make an attractive figure. They were wrong and the fans knew otherwise! Back in 2006 ToyFare magazine ran a "Fan’s Choice Figure" contest. Rebelscum tracked exit polls and Yarna came out on top. When issue #109 finally came out Yarna had slipped to number 3 but that must have been enough to finally get her on the drawing board.

The figure Hasbro produced is a real winner. The likeness to the character is spot on from the terrific face sculpt on down and there’s plenty of articulation which does not look too bad given the fact that it really couldn’t be hidden. She didn’t need accessories but comes with a cup and a knife that fits in a sheath on her hip.

The history of an action figure representing this character actually goes back quite a ways. Yarna is one of only two Star Wars figures created by Kenner but never produced. The figure got to the "hardcopy" phase meaning in-house sample prototypes were created but the aforementioned objections from Lucasfilm eventually killed the figure. The photo below is used courtesy of Gus Lopez and "The Archive Database."

The story of this obscure denizen of Jabba’s palace was greatly expanded on in the last story appearing in the expanded universe book: "Tales From Jabba’s Palace." This Askajian mother was captured by slavers and placed under contract with Jabba. With an eventual promise of freedom she served the Hutt loyally dancing, cleaning droids, and acting as a mother figure to the other female dancers. A.C. Crispin even explains away her size and unfortunate facial features in this enjoyable tale.

Well, if you’re reading this chances are you are a man and a geek. So boobs rock, right? At the very least producing Yarna D’al Gargan helps reinforce the point that too much of a good thing isn’t always good!


Danny "CantinaDan" Neumann
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  • The Superfly says:

    alien hookers with 6 boobies = awesome.

  • Jeff Cope says:

    Don’t know what’s scarier, Dan. That you bought this figure, or that you know the actresses name!

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    She’s one of the newer Legacy figures that I’ve been putting off for the reasons mentioned. (Not what you’d call army builder material nor ready to swing a lightsaber or fire a blaster.) But you made such a good case that I’ll probably add her to my collection somewhere down the pike.

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