Big Fish Toys Takes Over on Mass Effect Where DC Direct/Unlimited Left Off
January 31, 2012

One of the casualties of DC Entertainment “reshuffle” of the DC Direct staff and brand resulted in several key players loosing their jobs, some people that remained left the company instead of  relocating to their new Burbank mothership .. um… offices.  Also DC Direct seemed to have abandoned their DC Unlimted brand that handled licensed properties, consisting primarily of video game licenses.

DC Unlimited had the license for BioWares Mass Effect 2 game.  They planed, showed and announced 2 waves of figures.   Wave 1 made it to market, there were rumors of BioWare not being happy working with DC.  The second wave remained in limbo.

Now rising from the ashes of DC Direct/DC Unlimited comes new comer toy company Big Fish Toys.   Not a lot in known about Big Fish yet.  As you can see there’s not much to go on from their website.  I know that there are some former DC Direct staff that helped found Big Fish which is how they were able to secure figures that were developed by another company.  They have issued a brief statement to those sites that have reached out to them:



Though it was only formed in early 2011, Big Fish Toys, Inc. is comprised of an A-list of action figure and toy industry veterans, each with 20 years’ experience at several leading companies on the most popular kid-directed and collector-appeal brands.

Over the past year Big Fish has operated primarily ‘behind the scenes’ –as a business-to-business vendor serving the 3D product development and manufacturing needs for video game publishers and other intellectual property holders. The SONY release of inFAMOUS 2 contained an ultra-detailed action figure statue of Cole that was produced by Big Fish. (Extremely rare ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ variants were also produced at the request of the game developer Sucker Punch Productions.)

When Bioware and Electronic Arts sought to bring previously-developed, yet unreleased Mass Effect action figures to market, Big Fish Toys was able to incorporate the team’s goals and craft a business agreement that allowed the project to move forward. Big Fish will handle sourcing in Asia and wholesale sales worldwide through its established manufacturing and distribution partners.

This spring’s Mass Effect action figures will mark Big Fish Toy’s first release for retail sale under its own label. The fully-articulated figures, ranging between 6 3/8” and 7 ¼”, will be intricately sculpted with collector-level paint decoration. They will be securely packaged in a clam-shell blister card. The figures will be manufactured at a vendor who has produced some of the top collector action figure lines of the last couple decades, and in fact produced the Cole piece for Big Fish. Figures should be available for sale by April 2012. As a bonus, each of the 8 figures will include a downloadable content pack for the Mass Effect 3 multi-player mode (on PC and XBox) that could include powerful new weapons and new characters. The pack could also include character boosters, weapon modifications, and weapon upgrades to make your multi-player squad stronger.


SERIES 1 – Available April 2012

SERIES 2 – Available May 2012

Timed to coincide with the release of Mass Effect 3 Series 2 action figures (and the Mass Effect 3 video game), Big Fish Toys is making the first series of figures available once again. Now you can complete your team, just like Commander Shepard does in the game, gathering allies and companions in his quest to protect the galaxy from the onrushing threat of robotic conquest. Choose from: Tali (6.65″), Thane (6.75″), Grunt (6.8″), or Commander Shepard (6.75″). Each figure features multiple points of articulation and game-accurate accessories/weapons.

This product contains a code that can be redeemed for bonus content for Mass Effect 3 multi-player that could include powerful weapons to take on the Reapers. The pack could also include character boosters, weapon modifications, and weapon upgrades to make your multi-player squad stronger. (Content applies to multi-player mode on PC and XBox only.)

Mass Effect 3 Series 1 figures were previously released by DC Direct as Mass Effect Series 1 and this is the same figure being re-run as a Diamond Previews Exclusive.


We will keep you posted on all the upcoming Big Fish and Mass Effect news and releases.

Daniel Pickett
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