Blackest Night – Everyone?
September 30, 2008 has some reports from the Baltimore Comic Con which was this past weekend.  One of them is from the DC Comics DC Nation panel.  I found one of the comments in there to be very telling.  "Everyone is a Black Lantern."  That’s right, anyone who has died, literally at any time in the DCU could be coming back into the current timeline as a Black Lantern.  I started thinking about this and came up with this list off the top of my head.

Abin Sur – this just makes too much sense.
Alex – Kyle Rayner’s first girlfriend

GA Mr. Terrific
GA Atom
GA Dr. MidNite
GA Hourman ?
GA Starman ?
Black Canary I
Blue Beetle Dan Garrett
Star Spangled Kid Sylvester Pembleton
E2 Superman
Hippolyta ?
Hourman android ?
Dr Fate Hector Hall
Fury Lyta Trevor Hall
Wildcat II Yolanda Montez
Alex (Eclipso) Montez
Nemesis Soseh Mykros

Commander Steel
Amazing Man II
Manitou Raven
Martian Manhunter
Firestorm Ronnie Raymond – but there is no body.
Tomorrow Woman

Blue Beetle Ted Kord – again, no body.
Elongated Man Ralph Dibny
Sue Dibny
Rocket Red Dimitri Pushkin
Crimson Fox 1
Crimson Fox 2
Silver Sorceress

Aquagirl Tula
Dove Don Hall
Hawk Hank Hall
Superboy Connor Kent
Impulse – unless he’s in the lightning rod.
Terry – Donna Troy’s husband
Golden Eagle
Power boy

Roulette’s games

Big Sur
Capt Boomerang Sr.

Phantom Lady
Human Bomb
Red Bee


And that’s just off the top of my head.  Johns was also quoted as saying he needed more.  I don’t know, that’s quite a list.  I think a cool thing would be for Ted Kord to become the Blue "Hope" Lantern of Earth sector.

Let me close by saying that I’m in the camp that thinks Sinestro Corps War was better than Countdown.  And I’m looking forward more to this event than Final Crisis.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Some thoughts:

    Arthur Curry returning as Aquaman is a done deal.

    For a guy who survived countless Crisis scenarios, Pariah had the lamest death I’ve read in years.

    Since Barry Allen is back, we need Boomerbutt and Trickster I/James Jesse along with him. It’s just not the Rogues without those two.

    And of course, J’onn returning with Barry to the JLA is a must as well.

    SD, scratch Hourman I off the list, he “got better” under Geoff Johns’ own pen in his previous JSA series.

    At the end of his recent Booster Gold stint, Geoff also teased that Ted Kord somehow cheated death and returned to the current DC timeline but is keeping a low profile over at Kord Industries.

    I would love for DC to bring back Max Lord as good guy during this event, it’s been established that most of the stuff he did in the JLI series was really on the level. He only went bonkers afterwards.

    And anything DC put out last year was better than the crapfest that was Countdown.

  • Arrakhat says:

    I’m really looking forward to this if it’s as good as the Sinestro Corps War was. So much better than Countdown.

  • jamesjesse says:

    I’m going to be looking out for all those listed above but also

    Mirror Master 1
    The Question
    Dr. Polaris
    Trickster I
    Rainbow Raider
    The Top
    Golden Glider
    Major Disaster

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Direct link to the article at Newsarama:
    In the Q&A section:
    Solomon Grundy … with Johns hinting that Grundy will play a role in the coming Blackest Night storyline.
    “Everybody’s a Black Lantern,” DiDio teased Johns.
    “That’s why I want Sean (McKeever) to kill more characters,” Johns answered, “So I can bring them all back as Black Lanterns.”
    Q: When will we see Aquaman?
    A: Johns: “He’s a Black Lantern.”
    Q: Are Ralph Dibney and Ted Kord ever coming back – and not as Black Lanterns?
    A: Johns: “They’re Black Lanterns.”
    Q: When will we see Hawkwoman again?
    A: Johns: “Black Lantern, sorry”
    Q: What about Martian Manhunter?
    A: Johns: “Oh yeah – Martian Manhunter’s a Black Lantern.”
    Q: Will Bart Allen be a Black Lantern?
    A: Johns: “No.”

  • Scott says:

    Quote: At the end of his recent Booster Gold stint, Geoff also teased that Ted Kord somehow cheated death and returned to the current DC timeline but is keeping a low profile over at Kord Industries.

    He did? I read the issue, but I don’t recall any hint that Ted might be alive.

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    Blue Beetle Ted is still alive via the Booster Gold series.

    There are lots of villains that can come back for this event:

    Monsieur Mallah
    The Brain
    The Mist I
    The Mist II
    Kyle – the Mist’s son
    Black Spider
    The Wrath
    Chillblaine (s)
    Professor Zoom
    Alex Luthor
    Baron Blitzkrieg
    Black Mask
    Dr. Light
    Madame Rogue
    Max Lord

    Plus more dead heroes
    Negative Woman
    The Justice Experience
    Manhunter III
    Original Monitor
    Pretty much all of the New Gods
    Commander Steel
    Crimson Fox
    Amazing Man
    Joker’s Daughter
    Jack T. Chance
    Karate Kid
    Marvin and Wendy
    Phantom Lady
    Black Condor
    Human Bomb
    The Question
    Tomar Re
    Tripilicate Girl’s others
    David Knight Starman
    Matt O’Dare
    The six soldiers of victory (Whip, Dyno-Mite Dan, Blue Boy, Gimmix, Vigilante, Spider)

    Plenty of dead characters to go around!!!

  • stewbacca says:

    And as of yesterday—


  • Erik superfriend says:

    The Ted Kord question is an interesting one.

    In the original story, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, where Ted is shot dead, Ted’s body was cremated. So no body to re-animate.

    Johns wrote the Booster Gold story where Ted was pulled out of the time stream, time went crazy, and Ted went back supposedly to die to set it straight. But in the last panel we see a back lit figure who could be Ted doing his signature “Bwa-ha-ha-ha” laugh.

    Johns is also the one who was quoted at the Baltimore Comic Con as saying Ted will be a black lantern.

    Q: Are Ralph Dibney and Ted Kord ever coming back – and not as Black Lanterns?
    A: Johns: “They’re Black Lanterns.”

    When did Major Disaster die? MD was originally the only one of his Injustice League to survive their recent outing in the Suicide Squad. All of the others have shown up again live since then except Big Sur. It was after this that MD joined the JLA from issue 70 thru 100 and then the JL Elite. When did MD die?

  • Robiwan says:

    Infinite Crisis in a small panel, I believe. I think Superbrat got him.


  • Lt. Clutch says:

    Marvin and Wendy bought it? Man, the DCU is REALLY getting dark!

    The big Q is, which of these characters will return to normal after being turned into Black Lanterns and which ones will go back to their dirt naps?

    Aquaman is calling it a comeback, but I’m curious about all the others on the above lists.

  • Arrakhat says:

    Dan DiDio stated that it was not Major Disaster who died during Infinite Crisis.

    Will Black Lanterns look decayed? Or will their vitality appear restored? Could Multi-Man be an honorary member?

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