Blackest Night from DC Direct
June 30, 2009

DC Direct discussed Blackest Night plans at IGN and showed pics of all the related figures…

Wave #1
– Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman 6.5"
– Alpha Lantern Boodika with removable face plate 6.75"
– Blue Lantern Saint Walker with power battery 7.5"
– Atrocitus with power battery 7.25"

Wave #2
– Black Lantern Martian Manhunter 7"
– Green Lantern John Stewart with power battery 6.75"
– Indigo with Power battery 7"
– Kryb with removable back cage that stores two alien babies 7"

Wave #3
– Black Lantern Aquaman 6.75"
– Green Lantern Arisia with power battery 6.5"
– Star Sapphire with power battery 6.625"
– Larfleeze The Orange Lantern with Glomulus and power battery 7" (Glomulus is 2.375")

Wave #4
– Black Lantern Firestorm 6.75" to top of head (helmet increases height)
– Green Lantern Kyle Rayner with power battery 6.75"
– Black Hand with Batman skull 6.75"
– Wonder Woman 6.625" to top of head (not shown)


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