Brave and Bold – Bear Trap Batman
July 3, 2010

A short one this time.  Stores were reducing their toy section stock after the Christmas holiday season.  I found myself in Khol’s.  They were having a massive sale.  They had 1 Batman Brave and Bold figure. Its real name is "Deluxe Villain Snare Batman", but it looks and works like a bear trap.  The real selling point was that it was $3.89.  Yeah, a deluxe figure which should have been $10 was less than $4.  The bargain was too much for me to ignore.


I was flush with excitement about the Brave and Bold line, looking for anything that would give me a bunch of accessories to "plug and play" to add to my arsenal.  As is often the case in this line, what looks like one accessory can turnout to be several.


Also, at this point I did not own any versions of Batman for this line, so there was no internal conflict as to what I would do with two Batmen.  That situation did not last long as buying the Batcopter brought me Batman number two.  I think at this point I have 5.

Of course, only one person could capture Batman, Batman himself!


For some reason, I did not take a picture of the trap sides attached to Batman’s arms as shown on the package.  the smaller side pieces are good for elbow armor, but do not fit well on the shoulders or knees.  So I had to stop and take this:


The sides also fit on the legs, but the configuration looks somewhat constricting.  The center piece does make a nice looking bomb.


Apparently it takes the mind of a scientist, like the Atom, to realize they can be used as snow shoes.



Overall, I still am very happy with this purchase, although I doubt I would have picked it up without it being on sale. (Speaking of sales, the figure plus Metal Men sets are on sale at K-Mart currently for $7.70.  I bought the Batman with Iron as Helicopter for that price two days ago.)


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