Brave and Bold – Metal Men
March 29, 2010

There has been lots of talk about the peg holes in the Brave and Bold line.  Some of us like them.  Some do not.  In my opinion, the two Metal Men showcase the worst and best use of this feature in the line.



Your typical basic figure comes with one plug in accessory that makes sense with the character.  Gold comes with zero.  None.  That’s right, not a single thing to plug into those peg holes.  They are useless.  Instead, he comes with a starfish.


The typical deluxe figure comes with multiple accessories.  Iron comes with 4 accessories.

The great thing about these is how well they go together.  There are some suggested configurations on the package, but my son and I prefer to just randomly attach the pieces together.

Here are a few.

Here they are combined to make the wrench pictured in the packaging.


Here is the wrench assembly attached Iron’s back.


Random configuration attached to Iron.


Another random arrangement of the parts. 

By combining these attachments in different ways, you could think of it as getting a variety of toys instead of just one.

At this point, Iron is definitely my favorite single packaged character in this line.

= = =

Back to Gold.  What to do with him.  Well, as Doc Magnus says, he is a ‘precious metal’.  So maybe he could use himself as collateral to buy some stuff.  We played around with some other Brave and Bold pieces and came up with this.  Using your imagination, this construct could be all six Metal Men. Gold, Iron, Tin, Platinum, Mercury, and Lead.


The more you have, the more fun it gets.  I’ll be showing more stuff in future blogs.

= = =

The remaining question, is what to do with that starfish.  Wait a minute.  Where did it go?  It was here.  I just saw it a minute ago.  Things don’t move by themselves do they?



Did you see that?

To be continued …

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • Chip Cataldo says:

    “So maybe he could use himself as collateral to buy some stuff.”

    ROTFL! That was brilliant, man.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    That was fun. Including the Metal Men in this line makes a whole lot of sense.

  • chad says:

    yes for the line is geared for little kids. like the cartoon and this way fans may not have to wait as long given that the dcuc is doing one mental man per wave. as for the star fish that is Staro. and looks like its already putting its plan to enslave the world in place. plus the brave and the bold line looks one can have loads of fun from the figures as the stuff. a whole bunch of dc toys in one.

  • mentalpower says:

    If you buy the Firestorm pack there you have Gold in the shape of a rocket/rocket launcher (why does Firestorm needs that??), with some pieces that can be connected to Gold.

    I guess the same would apply to the Iron copter in the other pack.

  • George says:

    For people who don’t know the Metal Men, perhaps they could put Iron’s name on the package somewhere. And I bought Gold just for Starro.

  • GLsector666 says:

    That picture of Gold connected to the other Metal Men is just….wrong. I don’t think Magnus would approve of THAT! yikes.

    • Erik superfriend says:

      Why not? In the episode which featured them, Gold and Platinum combined to make a cannon, Iron was the cannon ball and Mercury provided the fuse. Near the end of the episode, they all came together as parts of armor on Batman, a tribute to the Alloy version of the Metal Men from the Kingdom Come comic story.

  • Rjackson says:

    I want a Doc Magnus with Gold as his pimp grill!

  • red Ricky says:

    I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like the peg holes. (They deter me from buying Brave & the Bold figures in order to complement my JLU collection.) But I have to admit that they don’t look so bad on the Metal Men. For them, it makes sense and I don’t mind them so much. They are Robots after all. So if JLU were to end without giving us a Metal Men six pack, I could see myself tracking these figures in order to “complete” my Animated DC Universe.

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