Brave and Bold – Plastic Man
May 1, 2010

The Brave and Bold Plastic Man is another figure that uses the "build up, change up, team up" play pattern very well.  Plas comes in two versions, a basic and a deluxe.  At the point of this writing, I have only the basic.  I was going to wait to write this until I got the deluxe, but I like Plas too much to wait any longer.  Growing up, I always felt it odd that Plastic Man was not a member of the Justice League.  I am forever grateful to Grant Morrison and Alex Ross for adding him to the team.



The basic figure comes with the typical one accessory that a basic figure comes with.  Plas gets an elongated arm with an exaggerated hand. 


This allows for the classic/endless "long arm of the law" jokes.


If you look closely, you can see one cool feature of the Plastic Man figure.  In possibly a homage to the Super Powers figure of Plastic Man, this figure, like that one, has a pop up neck which gives the figure a cool stretched out appearance when he is just standing around.  To me, Plas is almost always joking around to some degree and this fits his character perfectly.


At first, the one accessory  seems very limited. But as with the other figures, the more parts you have, the more stuff you can make.


Here we have Plas using wings (from the Bat Copter).  I think he used them in the Dinosaur Island story.



And once you have wings, why not a functioning helicopter blade?



In terms of other Plastic Man products, I’d like to see some sort of Plastic Man as a car.


Once again, I hope this blog makes you consider making new creations out of the parts you have from this line.

And beware of that starfish…


It is everywhere!



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  • demoncat says:

    nice to see that the brave and the bold accessories can be used in other ways then just one intended way including making plastic man almost so real from the comics as for a plastic man as a car Mattel sadly will say no plans ever. since vehicles do not sell. though a good idea for plastic man.

  • mentalpower says:

    That Plas is very good, but you have to try the rubbery one that comes with Rubberneck. I was impressed on how well it is done…

  • Sekmet says:

    Thanks for the pictures and for suggesting fun accessory options! Plasic Man is one of the few Brave and the Bold figures that works splendidly with those goofy hex holes. I’m sure there are a lot of fun accessories to plug in to him.

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