Brave and Bold – Transforming Batcycle
May 28, 2010

Transforming Batcycle.  Have you been holding off on buying this vehicle from the Batman Brave and Bold line?  I know I have.

Packaging.  Why is this the only item in the entire line without a window box?  Does it play great but present poorly?


Price.  $19.99  More than I paid for the Blue Beetle Ship.  This problem was solved today.  Today, May 28, 2010, I found the Transforming Batcycle at Target for $14.99. This "temporary price reduction", as the tag on the shelf called it, puts it at the same price as the Batman/Firestorm figure and Metal Men accessory packs.  Still unable to determine exactly what was inside, I took a gamble.


I opened the box in the car.  I was unable to wait until I got home.  I found this: a Batman figure, 2 missile launchers with missiles, and the transforming vehicle which appeared to be one big single piece. 




You were expecting someone else?


For me, at this point in the line, the thing that makes a new purchase worth it is the accessories.  How many are there, how unique are they, how cool do they look, how adaptable are they to connecting with the other pieces I already have.  I looked over the vehicle for removable parts, but nothing gave easily and I did not want to break it.


Quite by accident, I saw the back page of the insert which explains how the "automatic transformation" works.  There it shows how additional parts could be removed cycle.  This made my day, and the purchase for me.


The first thing the big black hands reminded me of was the opening teaser for one episode of Brave and Bold where Batman teams up with Doc Magnus and the Metal Men.  So they went right on Lead/Batman and Gold.  And then randomness took over.



 Wheels for Plastic Man.


Blue Beetle rides an ant.

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