Bubuzz Establishes itself as a World Leader with Its Life-like Sports Figure Dolls
March 27, 2014

Bubuzz produces look-alike figures which authentically portray real-life stars. With the unique combination of doll features and the technology that achieves amazing accuracy in portraying the facial features of these celebrities, these figures are an impressive addition or an accessible beginning to any collection. Bubuzz specializes in sports stars, with soccer heavily featured. The launch line includes Barcelona’s star players, and Bubuzz has official licenses from FCBarcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Juventus. Bubuzz is currently selling a full line of Four of FCBARCELONA and Manchester United most compelling stars, Eight of the biggest names in soccer today: Messi, Neymar,Iniesta, Xavi, and Puyol for FCBarcelona and Rooney, Van Persie, Chicharito and Giggs for Manchester United.

FCB 2013-14 collection-low res

Bubuzz are not just dolls, and they are certainly not just for kids. These collectible figures are 45 cm high, and are real-life representations of world famous icons. This is the first time that a doll this size has been created for the superstar Lionel Messi, and the similarity to the skilled and personable Argentinian is uncanny. The unique combination of a fabric doll body with a sturdy and realistic plastic head with characteristic features of the stars make these figures a favorite anyone in the family can get behind.

While in the future, Bubuzz plans to represent stars from many industries, they specialize in sports superstars, with a focus on the elegant and physically demanding sport that is soccer, or “football.”  Soccer players embody strength, skill, grace and capability and often have personalities to match their dominating play. Collectors and sports nuts themselves, the founders of Bubuzz struggled to find the right item to please the fan in them, and the little fans in their houses. All the miniature plastic toys, awkward bubbleheads and oddly-proportioned figurines left them wanting, so Bubuzz came into being to capture all the players’ qualities and features in doll form. Ido Yonash, Bubuzz Co-Founder, said “We established Bubuzz because we couldn’t find a sports figure that balanced everything we wanted in one.


As sports fans and purists, we wanted accuracy and structure for the face – where you look at the features and immediately are struck by ‘oh my god that’s Messi!’ But as parents and lovers of toys, we didn’t want to give up on the softness of the body. We wanted it to be something where we felt comfortable with our child sitting in her car seat with it, or falling asleep next to his favorite sports star doll watching a game on the couch. And all at a price where people could actually afford it.”

These state-of-the-art dolls are as fun as their smaller predecessors, and their size and the detail put into capturing the faces of their inspiration make them that much better, and an accessible way to turn anyone into a sports fan. The 45 cm height also lends itself to limitless functions and display options – from being displayed on a desk to encased in glass to left on a toddler’s bed for a nighttime snuggle.  Says Yonash, “We believe that our products are, pardon the pun, game-changers. When you look at the competition, there really is nothing like it out there. There is something magical about the place where toys and sports meet, where the things we love as kids and the appreciation we have for quality as adults come together in this one product. It’s really exciting for us to be at the forefront of this, and we hope to keep bringing that to people for a long time to come.”

The innovative combination of textiles leaves Bubuzz with a niche in the sports merchandise industry, and the $40 price tag makes it an ideal gift for any collector big or small, kid or kid at heart. Who doesn’t dream of having his/her favorite superstars warming the bench in their living room, even if it is in miniature form?

Bubuzz figures have been launched in China Israel. Chelsea and Arsenal will be available from the coming summer.

For more information, you can find them on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Bubuzz.dolls

Daniel Pickett
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  • Goerge says:

    Nice designs !
    this is the first Messi figure with good similarity I’ve seen in the markets.

    Are they going for more licenses options?


    • Gur says:

      Hi George,

      Thank you for the compliments, Currently we are focusing on Football stars: FCB, MU and soon Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus and I believe that in the coming year also for some National teams.
      In the future we will enter to other sports and industries.

      Thanks again,
      Gur Ben-zeev
      Bubuzz- Co-Founder and Direrctor

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