Bumblebee Spotted at Walmart
December 25, 2018

My wife Sandy found Bumblebee wandering around the local Walmart.  The marketing campaign in Rhode Island had a live actor appear at several Walmarts across the state.  The actor did not speak, but was accompanied by a handler (probably a Decepticon in disguise) who spoke for him and assisted unknowing visitors with photographs.  Mothers and children could both be in the selfies.  The outift was outstanding, really looked like Bumblebee.  Maybe it was…

Sandy and Bumblebee

Sandy and Bumblebee

So while the rest of you are seeing Bumblebee in theaters this Christmas season, she got to see him in person.

Other ways to see Bumblebee(s)…

Bumblebee toy

Bumblebee movie

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