Captain Collector’s Favorite Toys & Moments of Comic-Con 2013
August 1, 2013

Comic-con is one of those events that really is bigger than the sum of its parts.  This year marked my 20th year attending Comic-Con, and my fourth covering the show for AFI.  It’s the one event that I look forward to all year long, it’s really is Christmas in July!  Now that the madness that was 2013 San Diego Comic-Con is finally over, and all of the pictures are uploaded, the car unpacked, and the laundry is done, I like to take a minute, exhale, and digest all of the cool stuff I’ve just seen.  It’s so much, it’s like pop culture overload, but as always, there are certain things and events that stick out as the coolest of 2013.  Without further ado, here are my highlights of the whirlwind hurricane that was San Diego Comic-Con 2013!

AFI Comicon Panel/ AFI Comicon Dinner

Every year, Action Figure Insider puts on one of the best toy panels of the show (OK, I’m biased, but it’s true).  Industry heavy hitters like Jesse Falcon, Randy Falk, David Vonner, Scott Nietlich, and the Four Horsemen come together to talk about the state of the industry and the evolution of the creation of our favorite toys.  This year was no exception, as the focus centered around vintage and retro properties, and their influence in today’s products.  With the Super 7 Reaction Alien figures being the hit of the show, this year’s topic and guests couldn’t have been timelier.

Additionally, this was the second year that the AFI staff gets together for a dinner in San Diego during the show.  In what I hope becomes an annual tradition, it’s a chance to catch up, see each other (several of us live in different states), and share a little piece of the convention with each other.  It’s during this dinner that I’m reminded that we are more like family than a staff.



ToyMunkey/Gecco Silent Hill Statues

Hot off the releases of the Red Pyramid Thing and Bubble Head Nurse, Toy Munkey showed up to the convention with exclusive versions of each, and they sold fast!  Not to be outdone by their exclusives, Toy Munkey also showed off Gecco’s new offerings for the line, like the amazing Heather from Silent Hill 3, and two versions of the uber-creepy Robbie the Rabbit.  I’m still having nightmares.


SH Monsterarts

As a lifelong Godzilla fan, this is my favorite line of toys going today.  On display were te highly anticipated releases of Mechagodzilla 3, the 1964 Godzilla (Yay!!  The first classic Godzilla!), and the gigantic Biollante.  Biollante was the most anticipated figure by fans, and she did NOT disappoint.  At almost 17 inches long, it’s the biggest figure in the series.  Add in an unprecedented level of articulation and two-stage light up effects, and consider it sold.


Transformers 30th Anniversary

2014 is the 30th anniversary of the Transformers, one of my favorite lines, and one of the biggest and most popular franchises going today.  Hasbro brought their “A” game this year, not only showing off a great line of Generations figures spanning classic G1 to Beast Wars, but coming to the show with some amazing exclusives.  Biggest and best of the bunch was the exclusive version of Metroplex,billed as the biggest Transformer ever!  As an owner of Fortress Maximus, I expected to be let down, but trust me, I was not, and you won’t be either!



Legendary Pictures Godzilla

OK, admittedly there isn’t much to show here, as Bandai kept their version of the Big G under wraps for the show.  However, that isn’t to say that the upcoming 2014 Legendary Pictures Godzilla wasn’t “in attendance” at the show.  If you could find it, and give the right password, their “Godzilla Experience” across the street from the convention center was unbelievable.  Not only did it feel like you were actually in downtown Tokyo, but there were original props from the Toho films, and a sort of motion ride that gave us our first look (a little too up close, I might add!) at what Legendary pictures has in store for us next year.  I think after what we saw, it’s safe to say that the giant radioactive lizard is in good hands, and it’ll make you forget all about that horrid 1998 debacle.


Well folks, that’s it!  I hope everyone enjoy’s AFI’s extensive coverage, pictures, and interviews, and we’ll see you from the floor of the convention center next year!




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