by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
May 25, 2009
So it’s taken quite a bit longer than I planned on to get back to another installment of my unproduced Star Wars gems. But here at last is the untold story of the promotion that you never got to see, and what a doozy it is! A couple of caveats right off the bat: I…


by Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
May 25, 2009
Please take a few moments today, tonight, this week, to appreciate all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. So many of us truly don’t understand the cost our military has endured, and what the families left behind have lost. Perhaps instead of simply remembering those we lost in grievances of the past we can…


by Glenn Moss
May 25, 2009
  A letter from the Clerk of the Court of Okmulgee County arrived saying I was being summoned for jury duty on March 3rd. Ended up on a civil case where a young man was terminated because he hired an attorney to handle his worker’s compensation claim when his employer violated state law and didn’t…


by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
May 24, 2009
When I first started collecting toys back around 1990 I would run into other collectors sporadically (this being in the dark days before the internet collecting community at large had coalesced around USENET, for the most part). One way I would know that they were die-hard toy hunters was that they had had “The Dream”….


by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
May 22, 2009
Ok. So there isn’t a modern line of toys out there today that doesn’t have flaws, something for the average collector and/or fan to be aggrieved about when they inspect their new purchase. I know I’ve found them.  Loose joints, bad paint masks, bad tampo printing, oversprays, mold marks, splatters, frozen joints, scuffs, nicks, and…


So my girlfriend and I encountered something peculiar at a local Wal-Mart on May 1st. This particular store had previously reduced the space dedicated to G.I. JOE figures to one peg for singles and one peg for comic book two-packs, in addition to its glut of Combat Heroes sets. When I walked into the action…


by Erik "Superfriend" Skov
May 20, 2009
I just watched the trailer for Superman / Batman: Public Enemies, the next WB/DC Animated movie on the main page of this site.  And I was moved to write.  If you’ve been reading these for a while, you know I have very opinionated views about comics.  Superman/Batman is a series that I highly recommend. 


by Jason "ToyOtter" Geyer
May 19, 2009


by Daniel Pickett
May 17, 2009
Tonight at 8:39 PM there was a magnitude 5.0 earquake centered about 1.5 miles from my house. My collection did not fare well.  It was the FIRST things to start tumbling.       I’m sure this will also be the scene in my office in the morning to stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow….


by ChipCataldo
May 17, 2009
The dog ate my homework. Seriously. I was done with this blog.  Finished.  Just putting the "Peace, Chip" on the end.   I hit "Save Draft." It came back empty.   So…given who I am and my certain sense of humor, I have to say the following :


by Jim Abell
May 15, 2009
16 May 1990  May 16, 1990.  That’s the day the world lost a very unique individual — Jim Henson. 


by ChipCataldo
May 10, 2009
logos.jpg Welcome to my latest Super Powers Highlight!  I apologize for the relatively lengthy delay between entries.  I didn’t have access to a digital camera to take some decent shots for the blog here, but I got a chance to not only borrow one but also purchase a nice used Nikon off the ‘Bay…so hopefully no…