Comic Con 2013 Thoughts – Pt. 1
July 21, 2013

Well, as I type this Comic Con International 2013 is winding down. I didn’t get to sit by my computer much as I was at either at work most of the time, catching updates here and there on my breaks, or spending time with my family. So, I may have missed some news. But, for the most part I think I caught all the big reveals.

This is going to be a 2-part blog. Sort of a Bad News/Good News approach. In this blog I’m going to cover my action figure-related disappointments from the show. The next installment I’ll take a look at the more positive side and write about what got my little collectors heart all atwitter.

Now, I’ll grant you, in most cases these disappointments are nothing more than misplaced expectations on my part. So, I’m not wagging fingers fueled by nerd rage. Well, not really.

One of my biggest disappointments was no announcement of an action figure line from Valiant Comics (or at least, based on Valiant’s characters). We know David Vonner was apparently working on something for the company, but there hasn’t been any news, teaser images or anything in quite some time now. Valiant held their panel on Saturday evening and reportedly said something to the effect of “When the quality is there, we’ll do action figures.”  (this was based on a post on the ValiantFans forum)

That was a huge let down for me as that was one of the things I was most looking forward to out of Comic Con.

Hasbro continues to disappoint in a post-Vonner era of Marvel Universe. The figures themselves are not the disappointing part. It’s seeing images of these figures from Comic Con and/or Toy Fair and then never seeing them on store shelves. I can’t even say when I last bought a Marvel Universe figure. I understand that the near constant influx of Marvel movie-based lines have essentially pushed out Marvel Universe from retail shelves and what’s left has been peg-warming and making it difficult to get new product out. I get that. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Also, in terms of Marvel Universe I was really hoping for some Marvel Now designs to make it into the line. I did see the Thor and Captain America from the Legends lines and they look pretty darn swanky, but I’m trying to avoid 6″ as much as possible and concentrate on my beloved 3-3/4″ figures.

Hasbro announced a re-branding for both Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends in 2014. This, hopefully, will address some of the distribution issues that have plagued both lines for the past couple of years (years!). A line called The Avengers can still reach pretty deep into the Marvel Universe, but we’ll have to see how it plays out next year. Toy Fair should shed some more light on the re-branding.

The Hasbro disappointment continues with Star Wars Black. I swear (and I could be totally wrong and off-base here) that when the Black series (both scales) was first announced Hasbro said it would be strongly Original Trilogy in it’s focus. Yet, it’s seems to have a lot of Prequel characters that are still clogging up the store pegs after the last few Prequel heavy waves. Since I’ve sworn off buying anything based on the prequels, it saves me considerable cash. But, I’d still like to see more OT characters. And, blast it, I want a new Bith Cantina Band Member figure.

And lastly can I just say what a thorn in my side Kre-o is? My word. I don’t especially care for the look of the Kreons to begin with. Then, Hasbro makes the only figures from Star Trek Into Darkness Kreons. That’s bad enough. Then, they announce at Comic Con that there will be a Dungeons and Dragons Kre-o line in 2014. I’ve been hoping Hasbro would make D&D action figures for years. Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast after all. But, no, we get Kreons.

Alright, let’s give Hasbro a break and talk about someone else. Jakks Pacific. I don’t think Jakks had a booth, but I was hoping they’d have some sort of presence like in the Diamond booth. Basically, I was hoping to hearing something, anything about their plans for the Nintendo license they picked up. But, no. So, there’s that.

Those scoundrels at Mezco weren’t showing anything for Mars Attacks. That stinks. I really wanted that 4″ Martian. I knew they were having a tough time getting him sold into retail. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I want him to stand beside my Outer Space Men figures.

Basically, kids, the toy industry is a pretty different beast than it was just a couple of years ago and it shows. It shows in the toy aisles and it shows at Comic Con. Some of the realities of it are pretty disappointing. But now all of them. There’s definitely some bright spots, but I’ll save that for the next installment.

Weird. There was no mention of Mattel. They’ve been a perennial disappointment for the past few years for me. Hmmmmm.


Jeff Cope
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  • Chaos! says:

    Mattel really was a disappointment for me this year also. Death of the 6 inch line at retail we have known, lackluster new 6 inch line to take it’s place,nothing new mentioned for the Batman ’66 line, 4 inch figures that I personally don’t care about, not about to start a new line.
    There was some hope, at least for me, in the DC Collectibles stuff. But all in all a very HOHUM SDCC this year I thought. Not one thing really gave me that WOW! feeling I’ve had from past SDCC showings. You are right sir, “the toy industry is a pretty different beast than it was just a couple of years ago “.

  • Joe Acevedo says:

    I too was hoping to see the 4″ Mars Attack Martians again. I do hope that they get made.

  • demoncat4 says:

    have to agree a little with the disapointments. mattel figured once again they would wind up screwing up the dc line for did they not keep track and figure out that besides six inch every one has gone to the 3 &3/4 not four inch. hasbro was kind of a let down with still shoving in prequel figures in the waves including the new star wars black. hasbro the only disapointment trying to just make all their lines be avengers in name only. plus also making cloak and dagger be a variant of each other when they one needed to be a two pack.

  • demoncat4 says:

    should also add mattel not including bubastis with their watchman sub veidt .

  • unclemarsellus says:

    I think the Black Series 3.75″ figures are the remnants of the last Vintage waves that were cancelled. They were prequel heavy as I remember seeing them at the last Celebration. I believe Hasbro committed to the 6″ Black series being OT heavy and that’s proven to be the case.

  • Erik Superfriend says:

    I was looking for information on product related to the new Teen Titans Go show, but found nothing.

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