Comic Con 2013 Thoughts – Pt 2
July 22, 2013

In my last entry I whined a bit about my Comic Con disappointments. Well, action figure disappointments. That’s out of the way now. This go round I want to focus on the good, the things that got me giddy as a school kid.

Mattel – my goodness. I’ve been disappointed with Mattel for a good couple years now ever since they discontinued the Infinite Heroes line. I thought Young Justice would replace it in my collector’s heart, but the plugged got pulled on that pretty quick. But here comes Comic Con 2013 and Mattel comes out of the blue with the announcement of the 4″ DC Multiverse line! Now, I’ve been reading a lot of complaining and grousing about this line on the various boards. I know. I know. Complaining on a message board? There’s a shock. Not. Anyway, some are complaing about the lack of comic book focus in the line. But, since I’d been hoping for 4″ Arkham Asylum/City/Origins figures ever since DC Collectibles started their 3-3/4″ Injustice line. So, I’m looking forward to that Arkham-inspired first wave. And Wave 2? Keaton Batman? Yes, please!  Now, how about a 4″ Christopher Reeve Superman? I do hope that Wave 3 is comic book based.  I do wish that the waves weren’t themed, however. I think each wave should be a mix of games, movies and comic based figures.

So, I’m looking forward to New York Comic Con and more details about the line. Very cool. And the figures look pretty great from images I’ve seen. Thanks Mattel!

Also from Mattel I saw they are putting more characters from the DC Universe in the 3-3/4″ Batman line. I dig this line from what little I’ve been able to get from it. But, I’m looking forward to adding Superman, Green Arrow and more to my little collection. That was a nice surprise.

The Four Horsemen showed a bit more of their upcoming Power Lords line and, as expected, they look stinkin’ fantastic! I’m so excited for this line. Between Power Lords and Outer Space Men the folks at Four Horsemen Toy Design are producing some of my favorite action figure lines. Keep ’em coming! The Ravens look fantastic, but they’re just not in my preferred scale and I can’t really afford ’em. But, I’m thrilled at how well the Kickstarter is going for them!

DC Collectibles is making some super cool new figures based on Greg Capullo’s art from Batman. I’ll definitely get Batman himself as I’ve got a nice collection of DC Direct/DC Collectbles artist-specific Batman figures.

I’m digging the Six Million Dollar Man and Battlestar Galactica (classic!) products coming out of Bif Bang Pow! I just wish I had the money to actually get some of them! Even though they’re not 3-3/4″, I really dig their Mego-esque figures.  BBP‘s non-figure products are always super-cool as well. I really hope to pick up the Six Million Dollar Man ‘lunchbox’ exclusive. So cool. Six Million Dollar Man was pretty much my favorite show growing up.

Mezco is feeding a growing obsession with their upcoming 4″ Axe Cop figures. The comic is pretty much hilarious, and I’m looking forward to the animated show on Fox. The figures are must haves for me.

NECA is just going from strength to strength lately. While I don’t get a lot of their stuff due to scale and my very limited funds, I certainly appreciate their work. I’d like to pick up the Pacific Rim figures, and I’m really looking forward to the Lone Ranger 3-3/4″ figures (personally, I really dug the movie). Hmmm. I don’t recall seeing an extensions to the 3-3/4″ Gears of War line. We really need some Locusts in that line.

The upcoming figures Bridge Direct is releasing for The Hobbit looks fantastic. It’s really a shame this line is not doing so well at retail. They’re beautiful figures and Bridge deserves to be rewarded for their fantastic work on the line. Plus, if the line sold better maybe we’d actually get some 3-3/4″ Lord of the Rings figures. But, what they showed at the Con looked great.

I’m going to have to break my (almost) no-6″ rule and pick up some of the Star Wars Black figures. I at least want the core cast…and Greedo. And Boba Fett. I think Han looks pretty cool. Not much in the 3-3/4″ Black series is interesting me at this point. Too many Prequel figures. I’m hoping we get a nice Chewbacca soon, ‘though.

I’m excited that Hyperion is coming to the Marvel Universe line (or is it The Avengers line?). I dug the Squadron Supreme back in the day. He’ll be a nice addition to the collection.

Some pretty nice stuff came out of Comic Con. Now, it just needs to make it to retail so I can buy it.


Jeff Cope
Jeff Cope has been collecting toys and action figures since he was a wee lad growing up in the 70s, and is still waiting to grow out of it. He's been involved in the online collecting community since he first started writing for Raving Toy Maniac in the mid-90s, and is proud to call AFi his online home.
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  • Jad says:

    Nice recap. Although, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Super7’s Alien ReAction figures, which were on pre-order with a free Early Bird Kit at the con. These are the best/most fun figures I’ve seen in years!

  • Matt says:

    Any word on what the poll results were fo the new Mattel wave, and the fan’s choice figure?

  • demoncat4 says:

    another nice recap have to admit after mattel decided to do their dc mulitpliciticy line i was thinking great no more money spent from them till they revealed that their 3- 3/4 batman line will become more then just bat universe other dc characters. plus also love that bif bang pow went and decided to resurect the six million dollar man as toys again. and also bridge direct should get props for daring to do toilkeins work even just the hobbit though surprised to find no talk of super seven making the alien figures that never saw the light of day.

  • Erik Superfriend says:

    My highlight was seeing Ice of the Justice League International shown for Mattel’s DC subscription.

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