Cool Stuff Indeed – My Experience – And Dragons.
July 26, 2015

Have you ever gone to a web site which sells stuff you want to buy and wondered, what is it like dealing with this company?  Well, I pulled the trigger and placed such an order the other day.  Here is my experience with Cool Stuff Inc.

Dice Masters Dragons

Dice Masters D&D Dragons

It actually started a month or so ago.  I was looking at placing an order for some HeroClix related items.  I put together an order of stuff I was interested in at a number of sites.  Cool Stuff Inc had more of what I wanted, so I asked if they had some items I did not see.  I figured why not ask before I placed the order.  The reply came back, No, they did not have those items.  On the reply was a note that they buy items too.  So I asked about 2 boxes of VS cards I got years ago and never opened.  I liked the price they offered.  Then I got cold feet when I realized a good chunk of the money would go toward paying to ship the boxes of cards.

Dice Masters Dragon Dice

Dice Masters D&D Dragon Dice

Flash forward a month. I had just beaten my friend John in a friendly game of Dice Masters when he lets out an exclamation that this set is based on Dungeons and Dragons and he would really like to play some dragons.  He vows to go buy 5 more packs.  Opening the 3rd pack yields a Red Dragon.  I was impressed.  He wanted a dragon and got one.  Then John pointed out he really needed more than one to effectively play them.

Dice Masters Yugioh

Dice Masters Yugioh

The next day it hits me.  This set has been out long enough that I should be able to buy singles on line.  Cool Stuff Inc had EVERY single die from both the Yugioh and the D&D sets listed on their site and most of them were available. For less than 5$, I bought one of every D&D common and uncommon dragon they had.  Plus I filled in some holes in my Yugioh set and finally bought some of the HeroClix I had wanted from a while back.

Dice Masters Yugioh Dice

Dice Masters Yugioh Dice

The final reason I bought from Cool Stuff Inc was the shipping charges.  99cents for singles.  Yes, I paid only 99cents to get all of this stuff shipped directly to my house.  They ship using a method called FedEx Smart Post.  This uses FedEx to get it most of the way there and then switches to USPS to get it to your door.  It took a week for the package to get here.

HeroClix purchased from Cool Stuff Inc

HeroClix – Batman from Flash Point, Kazar, Punisher, Psimon, Jigsaw, Mera, Lightning Lad.

It was well packaged in a box plenty large enough with packing peanuts.  The HeroClix were in one bag, the dice in another and the cards in a third inside the box.  The condition of the items as arrived is as you see in the pictures, in excellent shape.  I would definitely buy from them again.

And just in case WizKids is listening, one really awesome thing about Dice Masters is that you can mix ALL of the licenses.  More on that next time.

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