Posted by Jeff Cope (February 8, 2008, 9:39PM)


It's almost that time of year again. Toy Fair 2008 is just over a week away. 

As an action figure collector Toy Fair is one of the two most exciting times of the year (Comic Con International in San Diego being the other). The sneak peek into what the year ahead holds for toys is generally a lot of fun.

As I sit here typing these words I began to remember what a let down Toy Fair 2007 was. I don't know if it was a matter of unrealistic expectations that went unmet that resulted in the disappointment, but I'm trying to approach this year's event more cautiously.

Mattel has already stated that DC Universe Classics Wave 4 won't be revealed until the NY Comic Con in April, so don't bother looking for that news out of Toy Fair.

Last year Hasbro had a pitiful showing for Marvel Legends, so expectations are low for this year. However, I'm more looking forward to seeing what their 3-3/4" Marvel Universe line looks like.

There is still an awful lot that I am looking forward to from this year's show. I had virtually stopped collecting Star Wars by late 2006, but 2007 was a great year (imho) for the line. I'm looking forward to what 2008 offers.  

Just in the 3-3/4" category alone 2008 looks awesome. Indiana Jones. Marvel. Narnia. Speed Racer. Star Wars. GI Joe. Heck, even WWE.  Plus the various 3-3/4" military stuff from Unimax, bbi and 21st Century Toys, etc. Good stuff.

I can't wait to see Mezco's Hellboy II: The Golden Army line. Their figures from the first movie are still amongst my favorites.

I know better than to expect pictures of 2008 offerings for Doctor Who from Character Options. They will, as usual, be shrouded in BBC-induced secrecy and doled out as the year goes by. 

McFarlane Toys should be unveiling Halo 3 Wave 3 either at the show or on their website. I've probably spent less than $30 on McFarlane products in the last 5 years combined. This year? I'm buying every Halo item from them I can get my grubby mits on.

Corgi/Popco has really emerged as a contender in the action figure category with their fine offerings last year for Harry Potter and The Golden Compass. Looks like the big one for them this year is the long-overdue James Bond line. Between Bond and the rumours that the 3-3/4" Harry Potter line might see US distribution has me keeping a close eye on Corgi this year!

Will this be the year that Shocker Toys wows us with their showing? Could be interesting based upon the last batch of photos they released. Now just bring 'em to market, guys! 

However much I'm looking to seeing the above and finding out line plans, the best part of Toy Fair, for me, is the surprises. The lines you didn't see coming.  Here's hoping the 2008 show delivers more in that category than the 2007 event did. 

My dream line? A 3-3/4" DC Comics line. I don't really care if it's from Mattel or DC Direct (though, honestly, I'd prefer Mattel at this point) I just want my favorite comics characters in my favorite scale. C'mon, is that really too much to ask?