Posted by Jeff Cope (October 25, 2006, 4:33PM)

Well, hello there.

It's been a week and a half since AFI relaunched and opened the doors on these shiny new blogs...and this is my first entry. I hope it's blogworthy.

Life's been a little nuts around the Cope household since the launch, hence my delay. Many of you know that I have been unemployed for some time now (about a year and a half) since leaving a position as youth pastor at a church here in Columbus, Ohio. It's made for some rough times and it's made toy collecting pretty tough.

I've been able to keep up with some stuff by selling off some of my unwanted items, plus have been doing some work here and there in exchange for the outright generosity of some fellow collectors. There's still a lot of holes, especially in Toy Biz Marvel stuff since it's been coming out so fast and furiously this year...but, such is life.

 As it stands we've got a roof over our heads (benefits of living in a home that's completely paid off), food on the table and the most beautiful two-year old little girl you could ever hope to meet.

Things are looking up. I've been doing some graphic design work for our not-so-new church and that's helped to bring in some money. Not much. But, it helps. Actually, that's mostly responsible for me not bloggin' before today. I had been working on the annual report for our church and that turned into a very time consuming project. But that's been completed and distributed, so here I am.

Don't worry. This blog...column...whatever you wish to call it...won't be about my woes. Yeah, it's been a tough year. A real tough year. Still is. But, I believe we're better for it. But, no. The title is Eye on Toys and that's what the focus is gonna be. Toys, toys and more toys. What's new...what's coming...stuff like that.

I may not have much money to my name right now, but I do have my eye on toys.