Givin' Jazwares Some Love

Posted by Jeff Cope (December 9, 2006, 9:12PM)

Today, as I was out Christmas shopping amongst the throngs of people, I picked up the just-released Kano and Reptile from the third series of Mortal Kombat figures by Jazwares.

 I love 'em.

 Jazwares, on the whole, doesn't seem to get a lot of love from the collector community. Sure, they've had a bit of a rocky go as far as action figures are concerned. I'll be the first to admit that the first series of Mortal Kombat figures came out a bit less than stellar. But from the the second series on I really think they are doing some fine work with this line.

Series Two was a huge improvement over Series One in every way, and Series Three (consisting of Kano, Reptile, Noob and Johnny Kage) continues the trend. These really are some sharp figures...especially for a mass-market line that's only $5.99 at TRU.

Both Reptile and Kano have solid, detailed sculpts, decent paint jobs and sport generous articulation. They each come with several accesories. Kano has a sword and two daggers (that fit into holders on his boots), and Reptile has a big ol' sword and an alternate head with his long snake-like tongue. Plus, each figure comes with a base.

Another big plus for Jazwares is they somehow got Mortal Kombat into mass retail, and at a fantastic price point. Did I mention these are only $5.99 at TRU? $5.99 folks!

I've been playing Mortal Kombat ever since the first game hit arcades back around 1992. I have some of the old Hasbro figures from back in the day (I still love that wee Goro), I've seen the movies, watched the TV show, read some of the comics...and have been waiting for some cool figures based on this expansive mythology. Jazwares is poised to deliver. I like where the line is going.

I'm hoping for some nice surprises come Toy Fair in February. I like the figures I have, but I'm not gonna be satisfied until Jazwares makes Goro!