History Making Toys!

Posted by Jeff Cope (February 3, 2008, 12:27AM)


Anyone who knows me and my collecting habits at all know that I love 1:18 (3-3/4") scaled figures. Love them. If I was Emperor of the Toy World all action figures would be done in this scale.

Over the past few months I've really been enjoying the new Bravo Team line by Unimax that's been appearing at Target. The first batch featured a bunch of modern Army and Marine soldiers as well as Bradley and Abrams tanks. The figures were very well done, and well articulated. Unimax followed those up with a set of WWII-based figures that I love even more! They released six US Army and six German soldiers, plus a Sherman tank and a Tiger tank. Again, nice sculpting and nice articulation made for some great toys.

As much as I love the World War II period, Unimax recently announced a new figure line coming in late Summer 2008 that really has me excited: Ages of Action. This new line features six warriors from the annals of history: a Samurai, a Ninja, an Egyptian Infantryman,  a Knight Templar, a Norman Knight and a Roman Legionary. Each figure features the same articulation that's been in the Bravo Team lines. I really hope this line is a success, as there is so much I want to see in the line...especial Greek and Spartans! There's a lot of great toy lines coming in 2008 that I'm looking forward to, but I think Ages of Action is near the top of the list.

Another plus of this new line is that it's being developed in conjunction with Osprey Publishing, the world's leading publisher of illustrated history books since 1969. Each figure will come with a will be accompaniedby collectible, hardcover mini-books authored by Osprey, and a'Warrior's Way' code that gives collectors access to an informative andentertaining Ages of Action website where they can learn more abouttheir warriors, download exclusive premiums, and look back into thepast at colorful cultures of long ago.

This line is something of a dream come true for me. There's been static historical toys for as long as I can remember. bbi produced a Warriors of the World line, and even Unimax has a 1:32 scale Historical Legends line. But I wanted action figures. I remember having a discussion with a toy creator a few years back who had some success with 1:18 figures. He really wanted to produce a 1:18 Civil War line. I loved the idea, but it hasn't happened, and I don't even know if he's still planning it at this point. I remember suggesting to him that he should do ancient warriors. I thought they'd prove more interesting. That was at least two years ago, if not longer.

I'm so thrilled that Unimax has stepped up and is producing Ages of Action. Cool toys, and learning a little history, too. Gotta love it.