The Greatest Year Ever

Posted by Jeff Cope (March 15, 2008, 3:07PM)

I remember Toy Fair 2007. It was a pretty lackluster showing. For me, at least. I'd wager it was the same for many collectors going by comments I read here at AFI and elsewhere during and after the event. 

To use an overused Interwebs parlance, it was pretty "meh".

Toy Fair 2008, however, was a different story altogether. For me, it may well be that 2008 is the greatest toy year. Ever. 

At this point do I really need to explain my love for the 3-3/4" scale again? In my mind it is the perfect action figure scale. The sheer amount of 3-3/4" product coming this year is nigh overwhelming...and wonderful.

Mattel opened the floodgate with their DC Infinite Heroes line. Seriously, Toy Fair could've ended right there and I would've been in a state of bliss.


In my last blog, posted just prior to Toy Fair I even mentioned how a 3-3/4" DC line was a dream line for me. I didn't know one was coming. There were some rumors online. Nothing concrete. In a recent interview Georg Brewer of DC Direct mentioned that DC Direct had developed a 4" figure, but there were no current plans to move forward with it.

Then the first Infinite Heroes pics came in from Toy Fair. God bless the Internet! I was blown away. First just by the fact the line exists at all, and then by the sheer number and diversity of characters shown. Yeah, the prototypes are a bit on the rough side, but I'm confident this line's gonna kick all kinds of toy butt when it's released this August.

Thank you, Mattel. Thank you.

Mattel is also taking the 3-3/4" approach with their Speed Racer movie product ('though word from folks just finding these on the pegs, the figures are closer to 3-1/4" or 3" in size), which is awesome. Plus, there's apparently some 3-3/4" Batman: The Dark Knight stuff coming, too.

I expected a lot of 3-3/4" goodness from good ol' Hasbro. GI Joe. Star Wars. Indiana Jones. We all knew these were coming, so no big surprises there. My biggest disappointment from Toy Fair, however, was that nothing was shown or even mentioned from the rumored 3-3/4" Marvel Universe line. My fingers are crossed that we'll hear something from the NYCC next month.

The unexpected, 'though, came from Mezco with announced 3-3/4" assortments for both Hellboy II and NBC's Heroes (in additional to their regular 7" lines). Didn't see those coming. But in retrospect, knowing who's working at Mezco these days, it makes total sense. Thanks, man. (You know who you are). Keep rockin' the 3-3/4" cause.


So life is good in my 3-3/4" Universe. Very, very good.

Of course, my wallet doesn't think so!