Where Does the Time Go?

Posted by Jeff Cope (April 15, 2008, 7:45PM)

Three years. I realize three years isn't the longest stretch of time, but it's still hard to believe this place called Action Figure Insider has already been on the Interwebs for three years. It's been a blast being a part of the crew here, and in many ways a dream come true. I first met Jason Geyer, our illustrious Toy Otter back in the mid-90s after he and Eric G. Myers relauched Raving Toy Maniac. Eventually I started writing for that site shining a much deserved spotlight on the small, independent toy companies that were springing up every other week back then in my Independent Toy Newswire section. Around that same time ('though I confess I don't remember the year) I first met Daniel "Julius Marx" Pickett at the San Diego Comic Con. He was a regular poster on RTM's Toy Buzz message board. Eventually EGM and Jason left RTM for other projects and jobs, leaving it in the care of myself and Mike Fichera. We kept the lights on and the news coming (albeit a bit slower than before) until running RTM became a full-time paying gig for me at the end of 1999. I moved from California to Columbus, Ohio and sat in the center seat for a tad bit over a year before stepping down in December 2000. I was a bit burned out and, to be honest, pretty darn tired of action figures taking center stage in my life. However, I soon found I couldn't walk away completely. I was too much of a newshound. I liked having the inside track and getting a peek behind the scenes. So, I continued to write the occassional article here and there for various websites. But it was still missing something. Then it happened. Dan was leaving Action Figure Times where he had be writing his Amazing Justice League of Julius Marx column for a few years and teaming up with Jason to launch a brand-new site, AFI. Two of my favorite people in the toy collecting community teaming up? Well, darn it...I wanted in on that action. So, I emailed the guys and begged and pleaded with them to let me in. Being full of pity, they did. And, it's been a lot of fun. I haven't been as involved as I would like to be. I haven't been able to join them on the front lines of Toy Fair or the San Diego Comic Con due to time and/or family commitments. But I keep busy on the forums, my blog and the occasional feature article (keep your eyes peeled this week for one!). Three years. What a ride. Keep readin' 'cause we are just getting started!