Customizing action figures – the ability to take an existing action figure, and patiently shaping, altering, perfecting it with your own vision into a true work of art. For years, customizers have been sanding, painting, sculpting, boiling-and-popping, frankenstein-ing, even creating new joints and heads, all for the love of the hobby (and maybe for occasional compensation here and there). What is it about custom figures that we all love so much? The skill involved in creating these masterpieces? Or the never-before-seen characters? We can all agree they’re addicting, whether you enjoy creating them, buying them or just gazing at the endless amount of online customized figure galleries. And that appreciation for this craft is the focus of the DCUC Custom Showcase.

So what is the DCUC Custom Showcase? Much like the custom action figure events like JoeAce’s CustomCon, and shows on Fwoosh, Critical Mess, Doosh, and JoeCustoms, the DCUC Custom Showcase is a semi-whenever event that ‘showcases’ the amazing talent of customizers from all over the ‘net, and letting them show off their fantastic creations. In particular, this event focuses on using Mattel’s 6" line of action figures as base templates, and letting the customizer’s imaginations and skills run wild from there.


DCUC Custom Showcase event will run the weekend of June 28, 2008.


The deadline for your entry will be Sunday, June 22th, 2008 at 11:59 Pacific time. No entries will be accepted after this date. And I know some of you will cut it close!


So how can you participate? Make custom action figures! Specifically:

1. Since this is the "DCUC Custom Showcase", you are limited to using the 4 Horsemen-sculpted Mattel figures – Batman, DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics – as the base for your customs. But you can use parts and pieces from other sources, just as long 75% of the figure is based on the Batman/DCSH/DCUC body.

2. The subject matter: the figures and theme obviously lend themselves to the characters of the DC Universe, but the Showcase is open to any characters, any company – DC, Marvel, Image, Independents, etc. Be creative. Just keep in mind our target audience; we will not allow any nude or obviously offensive customs to participate. Or nude or obviously offensive customizers either. Please don’t send those pics.

3. You can make one custom figure, you can make ten – it’s totally up to you. Send in as many entries as you can make within the time allotted.

4. Photography is key – a great custom can be ruined by a poor quality photo. Use good lighting, and take multiple pics in order to send the best ones for the show. Check out other custom websites to get an idea of what we’re looking for. Hint – try not to put your thumb over the lens.

5. The whole point of the DCUC Custom Showcase is to share your newest DCUC customs – so please don’t enter pieces previously seen on other forums or public galleries. And especially don’t enter other people’s work – they’ll find out and you will get placed in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds.


Submit your entry/entries using our online submission form.

Or you can also e-mail your submission(s) to: and please include the following:

Your full name, and the nickname you are known by in the online communities (or just the nickname)

Your preferred email address

The name of your figure/character

The web address of your custom figure website (if you have one)

photos of your custom – JPEG format is preferred, properly scaled to a quality and manageable size. (7" high x 6" wide at 72 dpi is a good basis). Please make sure your images are attached to the email, not embedded within the message portion.

A description of what your custom was created from, otherwise known as the "toy recipe". Describe all the work and pieces that went into creating your custom

That’s it! Click ‘send’


This event is open to everyone, whether you’re an experienced customizer or just starting out with customizing. We want to encourage everyone to have fun with this! If you have any questions, post them here. Good luck!

Special thanks to Grundy of AFHUB for the DCUC Custom Showcase "Captain Marvel" poster.


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