DC Animation Releases its next movie – Flashpoint
July 30, 2013

As you go out to buy your copy of Flash Point, the newest release in DC Comic’s line of animated movies, remember that Best Buy once again has 2 reasons to be your store of choice.

1. Exclusive packaging which includes an exclusive figurine.

DC Animation - Flashpoint

DC Animation – Flashpoint

2. They frequently put older related product on sale during the first week of a new release. Flash Point should be on store shelves today.

OK, I’m back from buying my copy at best Buy and I was disappointed by the fact that they did NOT have any such display of older product. I asked, but there was no DC/WB animation sale product. But I was reminded of reason 3 to buy the DVD this week.

3. This week the various forms and packages of the movie are on sale. For example, the base DVD was marked 14.99 and they were charging 12.99. The blue ray and special Best Buy blue ray package with Reverse Flash figurine were similarly discounted from the labelled price. I believe in the past, other stores such as Target and Walmart had similar release week discounts. My experience has been that delaying to buy the DVD to next week forces you to pay full price.

Erik Skov

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
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  • Nick says:

    Yeah, I went to target today to get the movie. They had the dvd version for $13.99 and the blu-ray combo pack was the same price as the dvd. Kinda makes it a no brainer to get the blu-ray.

  • Aaron says:

    You forgot the 4th reason to buy from Best Buy. If you bring in an old DVD to the store they will give you a $5 off coupon for any movie over $9.99.

  • demoncat4 says:

    have to say seeing that the exclusive figure in this one is reverse flash surely tempted to go and buy it .since wanting to have flash point since . one its bruce timms last dc animated film he over saw before moving on to other warner stuff. two want to see how well they translated the story.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    Just watched it. Unsure exactly what I think.

  • john says:

    the figure is terrible. It looks like a greyhound with a reverse flash suit. not worth the dvd trade at bby. probably the worst flash figure i have ever seen. will wait till the holidays and buy for under 9 bucks on bluray

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