DC Infinite Heroes visual checklist 2008 (updated!)
September 10, 2008

I don’t know about you, I really like the DC Infinite Heroes line. But I was getting confused about the release figures and dates. So, I put together a visual check-list for 2008. Happy Hunting!


Italic designates that this figure (as of 09/24/08) is exclusive to this packaging format.

Single Carded Figures


Captain Marvel (aka Shazam) – July
Adam Strange – July
Zoom – July
Guy Gardner – July

Black Hand – August
Atom (Ryan Choi) – July

Black Adam – September
Qwardian Thunderer – September

Manhunter (undamaged) – September
Batwoman – September
The Question – September (Rumored trenchcoat-less variant)
Wildcat – September

Hush (Masked) – September
Star Sapphire – October
Batman – October
Power Girl – October

The Spectre (Crispus Allen) – November
Black Lightning – November
Dr. Fate (Hector Hall) – November

Upcoming Singles – December ’08/2009

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
Alex Luthor

Flash III (Wally West)


Green Arrow (variant?)
Lex Luthor (repack?)
Superman Prime
BM Fig (Batman variant?)
SM Fig  (Superman variant?)

Question (variant?)
Hal Jordan (variant?)
Pirate (Psycho Pirate?)
Red Arrow
Martian (Jonn Jonzz? White Martian?)
Blue Beetle
Mary Marvel
Captain Atom
Firestorm (classic?)
Robin (Tim)

2 Packs

Flash vs. Zoom
Guy Gardner vs. Black Hand
Batman vs. SWAT team member
Shazam! (Captain Marvel) vs. Black Adam

3 Packs

Weather Wizard, Flash (Wally West), Mirror Master  3 Pack – July

Variant Flash (Jay Garrick) – Sept/Oct

 Commissioner Gordon, GCPD SWAT x2 3 Pack – July

Green Arrow (hooded), Black Canary, Hal Jordan 3 Pack – November
(Hal Jordan classic outfit will be the chase, appearing in 20% of cases!)

Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Girl (Cassie) – October

Bizarro #1 (Variant for this 3 pack) – November

Hawkman (Katar Hol), Thanagarian Warriors x2 – November

Raven, Captain Boomerang Jr., Starfire  – October (This will be the least packed set)

Lex Luthor (scientist), Luthor Trooper x2 – November
(alternate deco for Luthor as the chase, appearing in 20% of cases)

Green Lantern
Hal Jordan , Star Sapphire, Black Hand – December

Gotham City
Batman, Deadshot, Scarecrow
– December

Marvel Family
Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Mary Marvel
– December

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Harbinger, Shadow Demon x2
– December

Batman Family
Batwoman, Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing
– December

Other 3 Packs ’08/2009
Hal Jordan/Star Sapphire/Black Hand
Manhunter/Starfire/Adam Strange
Green Arrow/Hawkman/Atom
Joker/Harley Quinn/Batman
Paralax/Sinestro/John Stewert – $15.46
Weather Wizard/Captain Boomerang (sr?)/Mirror Master

6 Packs

Defense of OA: Construct Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Qwardian, Manhunter (damaged) x2 Pack – October/November TRU exclusive

Gotham City: Batman, Hush (unmasked), Killer Croc, Catwoman, GCPD x2 – October/November
TRU exclusive

8 Packs

Defense of Metropolis: Superman (Our World at War), Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Lex Luthor (Battle Armor), LexCorp Guards (helmeted) x4 – November

In Limbo
These are figures that were shown at Toy Fair but have yet to be announced where in the line they will be released:

GCPD SWAT members, mysterious armored guy

There are also rumored to be MattyCollector.com exclusives and there might be a few more exclusive sets for Target or Wal-Mart this holiday season.

Scott Rogers
Soctt "Boneyard" Rogers has been collecting toys, making custom action figures and reading comic books since before many of you were a twinkle in yore daddy's eye. Needless to say, he knows a fair bit about all of this stuff and definitely has some opinions about it. He also makes video games when he's not looking for toys, making custom action figures and reading comics books.
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  • Jeff Cope says:


    The new issue of Tomarts (12″ Indy cover) that came out today showed updated versions of Bizarro and Flash (Jay) that are indeed variants in their respective 3 packs. No date was given…

    I’m a HUGE fan of this line, but I’m displeased that I’ll end up with duplicate figs just to get Bizarro and Flash.

    Where did you get the new Oct/Nov date for the TRU Green Lantern 6 pack?

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    Comic Con.

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    Not happy about variants being in 3 packs. Singles, I’m cool with but what the H am I gonna do with doubles of the Rogues?

  • Chip Cataldo says:

    I believe ToyGuru stated that the Question sans coat was a chase for that 3-pack.

    Also, one of the SWAT you have as Metropolis has “GCPD” on his head…Gotham City. 😀



  • Erik superfriend says:

    “What am I gonna do with doubles of the Rogues?”

    Mod them into giant HeroClix to act out the classic SuperFriends episode “Giants of Doom”.

  • Erik superfriend says:

    And I keep telling people, that ‘mysterious armored guy’ is a spy. A Cobra spy. A Hasbro spy. That’s right, he’s snuck in from the Hasbro display to ferret out corporate secrets.

  • Scott says:

    There are ways to avoid some of the duplicates if you’re lucky enough to find everything. You could just get Bizarro in the 3-pack with Supergirl and WG, and get Superman in the Defense of Metropolis 8-pack. You can get Golden Age Flash with the 2 Rogues and modern Flash in the upcoming Toys R Us 2-pack.
    BTW, does anyone know if everything other than the singles and 3-packs are Toys R Us exclusive, or just certain ones?

  • Scott says:

    Meant to mention that the Flash 2-pack is with Reverse Flash…

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:

    See, I didn’t even know about that Flash/Reverse Flash two-pack.

    However, are you sure the Flash isn’t Barry and the Reverse-Flash isn’t Eobard Thawne?

  • Scott says:

    Not positive, but I’m pretty sure that they’re just re-issues of figures released elsewhere since that what the other 2-packs will be (eg. Captain Marvel/Black Adam).

  • The Tekwych says:

    These are just too rare in NM. So far about half of my Targets have stocked them and both TRUs but the only things I have found are Captain Marvel, Adam Strange, Zoom, Guy Gardner and the Flash and GCPD 3 packs. Nothing else seams to have hit here and I am not seeing re-stocks yet.

    I may have to give up buying local and pick up the cases on line.

  • Scott says:

    Actually it sounds like you found all of the initial releases.

  • Scott Rogers Scott Rogers says:


    To my knowledge nothing past the first six and the two three packs have hit the shelves yet.

  • The Tekwych says:

    No, I have yet to see a Black hand or an Atom in person. Are they really that short packed?

  • Scott says:

    I don’t think they were in the packs at first. They’re just starting to show up.

  • Scott says:

    Besides you make it sound like you’ve seen nothing when you’ve seen almost everything even if you count those 2. I haven’t even seen Guy or Capt Marvel at Target yet. (I’ve seen plenty at Toys R Us, but I refuse to pay their inflated prices for them.)

  • Scott says:

    Besides, you make it sound like you’ve seen nothing when you’ve seen almost everything, even if you count those 2. I haven’t even seen Guy or Capt Marvel at Target yet. (I’ve seen plenty at Toys R Us, but I refuse to pay their inflated prices for them.)

  • KSwolf says:

    Does anybody know what the redecoed Luthor from the 3-pack is supposed to look like?

  • JoeAce says:

    The mysterious armored guy is supposed to be a LexCorp trooper. I think that with a new head and a repaint, it could be a modern Checkmate soldier.

  • Jeff Cope says:

    Hey Scott, not to belabor the point, but you say you got the Oct/Nov date for the GL 6 Pack from Comic Con? But, in the very image you posted the placard says August.

    Was the later date from a conversation? Shelf tags have already popped up for this set at many TRUs.

  • OddJob says:

    Can’t be a Hasbro spy, he’d have wepaons, better articulation and paint.

  • toyboy says:

    raven and starfire are freacken awusome

  • RUSHBOY says:

    I went to my local TRU and found the defense of OA set, it come with 6 action figures !! I really like the hal jordan (green energy) and the 2 manhunter robots with battle damage are awesome !!!

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