@DCComics @FisherPrice #Imaginext Update on Firestorm, Sinestro and Cheetah Figures
November 28, 2016

WAAAAY back in June of 2015 we showed you images of some newly revealed DC Comics Fisher-Price Imaginext figures.   All of the figures were posted on the official Imaginext website and almost all of those figures that were reveled were released over the next year… with 3 exceptions: Firestorm and the Sinestro/Cheetah 2-pack.   Those figures were never officially released, were eventually removed from the website and we’ve seen dozens of other figures and sets that have been revealed since that time.

I have a LOT of folks asking me about those three figures.  I get at least one person every week emailing us, or posting in the comments section asking about the future of these figures, so I reached out to the Imaginext team for an update.   They were quick with the answer and the word is:

I just confirmed with the marketing team that these figures are part our 2-pack figure assortment – product number BBF20. It’s sold at Target and should be on shelves soon/now.

A quick look at eBay shows there don’t appear to be any out there yet, but hopefully they will be out this holiday season and Target is the place to look for them!   If you find them please let us know!

Thanks to the team at Imaginext for answering my questions!

Daniel Pickett
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  • Todd Rye says:

    Hi Daniel-
    Thanks for the update on the missing Imaginext figures. I actually bought a Firestorm off of eBay in the U.K. earlier this year. It was a single figure without the accessory and I paid about $25 for it. I saw it listed and hesitated thinking it’s arrival on toy shelves must be imminent. But to be safe, I emailed the Fisher Price website and asked about the status of the two sets and got an email back fairly quickly that informed me that the sets were only released to the U.K. and would not be released in the U.S. So, after getting that news, I pulled the trigger on making the Firestorm purchase. It’s a great figure, and I am happy it is finally getting released here in the states. Can’t wait to see the Cheetah/Sinestri set.
    Todd Rye
    Orlando, FL.

  • GanguStars says:

    These were released in what we can tell was 3/4’s the USA back in January to March 2016.

    More info here:

  • Lou says:

    Thanks for the update Daniel, can’t wait to see them in stores.

  • Philip Buxton says:

    Last night in a Facebook group a post was made about an Amazon listing for Series 2 DC blind bags featuring- Kingdom Superman, Brainiac variant, Flashpoint Aquaman, unmasked Black Manta, John Stewart Green Lantern and Sintestro blue/ pre-corps outfit.

    Five boxes of 16 bags sold for $100 plus $6 shipping.

  • Ghost says:

    Soooooo what’s the verdict on these figures? Can only find the series 1 super friends blind bags in the UK and have seen nothing on the series 2. Someone is selling Firestorm on eBay for over $200.. Lol I dont think so.

  • douglas carlson says:

    I was in recent contact with Fisher Price and they confirmed that the Imaginext Sinestro and Cheetah set and Firestorm were only released “overseas”. And that the high price I saw on the secondary market reflected this. Today on the worldwide Ebay sales site, they had sold just one of each of those figure sets. Sold for over 200 dollars each, with the notation that the packages were damaged. I think it is clear that if these toys were released anywhere, it was the smallest shipment ever produced. I think more likely is that they weren’t released at all and someone at Fisher Price is quietly selling off the few that exist for dollars.

  • Carl says:

    On a related note will we ever see the DC blind bags here (series one or two) ?

    • John says:

      Hi Carl, I bought some of the series 2 blind bags at Wal-Mart today in Gilroy, California … we got Superman, Sinestro, 2 Black Mantas and Emperor Aquaman. I’ll check back in the next few weeks to see if they put more out.

  • Michael says:

    The Sinestro & Cheetah two-pack and Firestorm are now being sold on Amazon and eBay by toy liquidators. Currently prices are ranging from $30-$40. Target has discontinued their exclusive Justice League Imaginext line nationwide and all items went on clearance after the holidays. I am pretty certain these will not be showing up again at Target. What hit shelves between Dec 2015 – March 2016 was all there will be..at Target at least. It will now be a secondary market feast for those who were able to get their hands on these elusive Imaginext figures.

  • Fisher says:

    I’ve seen a number of these just hit eBay very recently, all tagged with the “Target Exclusive” at the top of the packaging. I am wondering if they may have been released within the last few days. My guess is that Firestorm is the shortpack, but I plan to take my kids out on the hunt very soon.

  • Carlos says:

    HI Daniel,
    Just a quick update on the Holy Trinity as we Imaginext Collectors have come to call Cheetah, Sinestro and Firestorm. Alot of Target Stores in CAnada closed and all the merchandise (toys in particular) were sent to liquidators all over the US. Due to that, a bunch of us here in America, did have an opportunity to buy the three figures from Amazon and Ebay for well below the high price we say before. the three figures were/are now selling for about $12-$13 on the internet. We have all been looking at the US Target stores but they have not hit the shelves, regardless, a BUNCH of us here in the US, did buy them. Our group is the Imaginext Generation and Imaginext Toy Collectors and Customs on Facebook.. thank you.

  • Frank says:

    I messaged F-P via Facebook and they confirmed these two packs were only released in Europe. Target has since discontinued the Justice League line as well. Cheetah is going to be part of a TRU exclusive multipack and a classic Sinestro is in the series two blind bags.

  • Don says:

    Does anyone know if the US will ever see the series 1 blind bag set?

    • Matthew says:

      Hi guys. Big imagined fan. This may be late but I found series 1 dc blind bags at Barnes and noble. I got all 8 in one go. The cheetahs figure was re released in a multi pack at toys r us, which I jumped at. Also firestorm is in blind bag series 3, which I found at Walgreen, however the blind bag series is the white skinned firestorm, while the target one was the darker skinned firestorm. I may have to start learning how to paint miniatures. I got a second blind bag 2 windstorm with that in mind

  • Lisa says:


    Does anyone know if the Series 2 Imaginext DC Superfriends will be sold in Canada. I have seen a few ppl ask this question but there is no answer. I have tweeted at Fisher Price and they haven’t responded to me 🙁 I would really like to know if there are plans to bring these to Canada! Thanks! Any info is appreciated 🙂

    • Matthew says:

      Haven’t heard about Canada, sorry, but they are super easy to find in the us, especially at Wal-Mart. they have a ton in fact. I would advise to have a friend pick them up for you and send up.

  • Greg says:

    Found series 1 blind bags at 2 Kmarts in California last week.

  • Matthew says:

    On a related note, has anyone found the exclusive wonder woman packs? Wal-Mart had the queen Hippolata and carriage, re issue of the invisible jet, and the thermiscarya forest castle. There was also supposed to be cheetahs with bike, Steve Trevor, Ares, wonder woman battle suit, and a miniature and Cyclops pack. Anyone seen them?

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