DCUC Wave 7 Big Barda Variant
December 28, 2008

Just before the holidays I got a package from Mattel.  One of the most surprising things in the box was a carded sample from DC Universe Classics Wave 7.

The week before the holidays,  I had visited a local comic shop that is located up the street from Mattel HQ.  On display in the shop, they had the 2-up prototype of Shazam! from DCUC Wave 6 and a carded sample of the finished product of the same figure.  I’m told that there are several of the 2-ups from Wave 6 that were sent out to comic shops across the country to help advertise the line.  Has anyone else seen any of more at their local shops?

I know there is one picture of Barda on Matty’s Facebook page, but I didn’t think that was enough.  Here is a full rundown of this figure.

(No Helmet Variant)

Big Barda Variant Carded 


The Collect and Connect figure for Wave 7 is Atom Smasher.  From the looks of this arm he will be at least as big as Lobo.

 Atom Smasher's Arm for the Collect and Connect figureSize Comparison with Collect and Connect piece

Barda Front Barda SideBarda's back

Barda's Face Barda's accessory


Below is a comparison with the first DC Direct Version (DCD is releasing another Barda in their second wave of Kirby New Gods line)

Comparison with DC Direct Barda- With helmet Comparison with DC Direct - without helmet

Comparison with Starfire from the upcoming MattyCollector 2-pack and Wonder Woman from DCUC wave 4.

Comparison of Barda, Starfire, and Wonder Woman

And finally…



Daniel Pickett
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  • Jim Abell says:

    Is that Barda’s Motherbox on the back of her belt?

  • john says:

    cant wait to see this!!!!

  • Zach says:

    She looks great, thanks for sharing! I love the group shot. I have 4/9 of those figures (SGs & BGs) I can’t wait to pick this up, although I have to wonder: how long until we see a removable helmet version? That would be the bee’s knees (8*)

  • Scott says:

    It’s actually a little misleading for the package to say “collect all 7” to build Atom Smasher when you only need 6. (Yes, I know it also says Flash comes with a stand, but still.)

  • Bunger says:

    Hey Julius…has mattel commented to you on the issues of the bent/broken plastic?

    Is it something they are working on to just stick them in the packages without being pre-posed?

  • Derby says:

    Barda’s “accessory” terrifies me…

  • Raf says:

    She looks amazing, however looking at how small Starfire is a bit disappointing. I will be getting both versions of Barda.

  • TRDouble says:

    What? No Catwoman in the group picture? I am disappointed! Barda looks great, although she should have been at least Wonder Woman’s height. Starfire does look a little small.

  • bambam says:

    I’m glad to finally see the helmetless variant. It would be great if Mattel could re-use this head and offer the red bikini Barda down the line. I’m sure a talented customizers could do that, too.

  • Powerboy1974 says:

    She looks amazing. I can’t get over how short Starfire looks. She’s supposed to be taller than Wonder Woman. Her boots look unfinished and unculpted and her cleavage looks like she has a unibreast.

  • Zach says:

    Starfire does look pretty lame, especially for an exclusive *priced* figure…

  • Jimm says:

    Thanks for the peek, can wait for wave 6 and 7. (and 5 for that matter)

  • Daniel Pickett JuliusMarx says:

    Rats! I DID forget Catwoman. I’ll have to retake that picture and correct it later this week. Thanks for the reminder.

  • dean says:

    Great figure. Too bad, i’ll never be able to find it.

  • MisterPL says:

    I thought Big Barda was supposed to be BIG.

  • DKnight says:

    Ok. The Small Barda looks amazing. When can we see a picture of the BIG BARDA???

  • Jeff says:

    So, if there is to be one gal in each of the ’09 assortments, what are they so far? Where is this “walmart list” that folks have mentioned?

  • ryanlb says:

    Barda looks awesome, I’m very excited for this wave, but I can wait until I get wave 6.

  • Does anyone else think that she is not as pretty as she is supposed be? I think she’s not as pretty as she is supposed to be.

  • ryanlb says:

    Yes, I think the face looks kinda odd, and that the helmeted (prototype) one looks better.
    But I’ll still get her, and like her.

  • Jim Abell says:

    Jeff, here’s the link to the “Walmart List”…


    …according to that list Black Canary and Katma Tui are also on-tap for the normal assortments this year, but that’s still not counting the Walmart wave or any other exclusives or multi-packs we haven’t heard of yet.

  • Jota says:

    Big Barda. good sculpted but very very small.
    Starfire. bad sculpted and very very very small. Bad hair, bad union legs-body and not very sexy.
    I dont understand. People who do figures dont know DC figures?. REAL HEIGHTS:
    1- Big Barda (New god). The tallest. 202cm
    2- Grace (Outsider) 1,96cm
    3- Starfire (Titan taller than Nightwing and Wonder girl). 1,90. Hiper Top Model.
    4- Second Wonder Woman Diana. 1,80cm. Sured. Model.
    5- Wonder Girl (Donna Troy). As Wonder Girl she was 175cm. But comics have changed. Now she Have taken a lot of weigh in DC universe and DC have decided is not necesary be smaller than Diana. Have win height too. They have same imagen in new history and same height too. Its the Third Wonder Woman.
    6- First Wonder Woman. Hipolita. 178cm

    Note: Marvel have same problem with heigh (wasp is small woman but wasp marvel legends is bigger than new Hulka marvel legends. Ejem, ejem. And they are badder sculpted. I prefer DC figures without dudes. But please. Its necesary a revicion of these pair of figures. Or Will be necesary custom thm And Big Barda is realy dificult custom it.

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