Deep Thought
February 8, 2009

These are the things that came to mind while I was driving to NYCC yesterday morning.

A limo passed me.  Why would someone take a limo to a comic convention?  (of course, everyone on the road was going there!)

A Frito Lay potato truck goes by.  They must be made by Frito Lay people.  Frito Lay People.  I wonder what people made out of Frito Lay chips would be like…

Its hard to write this stuff down for later while driving.

Malls.  Who shops in all those stores.  Think of all the stores you pass by on a daily basis that you have never even been inside.

Are we there yet – The Animaniacs wrote a song called that I think.

McDonalds.  Again.  They seem to own all the service stations along this route.  Is Burger King mad about that?  Well, come to think of it, Burger King has the one on 95 in Kennebunkport Maine.  Maybe its kind of balanced between them.

Maybe the poster on AFI was right, that I should park somewhere along Connecticut and take the Metro in.

Are two cups of coffee better than one?  What about when you add a medium coke?

The cost to go over the bridge is WHAT?  Five Bucks?  Considering the parking is going to be 14$, and I’ll have to pay this on the way out, it might have been cheaper to do the Metro thing.  And I still have to pay for the subway to get to Javitz.

I wonder if NYCC will be sold out of tickets.  I know they were last year.  Was there some item I was supposed to pick up for someone that I’ve forgotten?

Will my press pass actually be there?

Was that the 3rd limo I just saw?

I hope I can figure out how to get back out of NYC…

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